eUSC Logo 5.1.1.  eUSC Official Issues, 2000

5.  Stamps Issued

5.1. eUSC Official Issues

5.1.1. eUSC First Issue, 2000

In March 2000, the idea was conceived of issuing an eUSC stamp to honor the incoming president iomoon. This was given the number eUSC 1. According to the proof sheetlet, iomoon also commissioned the printing of a stamp (eUSC 2) to honor the outgoing president g.1.

These stamps were printed by ccmouse, and were released to the chat board community via charity auctions.

A cinderella sheet of 62 stamps of the omnibus eUSC coronation issue was issued at the same time. Only 30 of these were printed, and they bear the signatures of ccmouse and iomoon.

I do not have scans of any of the sheets or single stamps to show. If someone has any, please email scans to me.

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eUSC 1 and eUSC 2 proof sheetlet omnibus eUSC coronation issue cover to Denmark, eUSC 2 applied, uncanceled

Proof sheetlet

Omnibus cinderella sheet

Cover sent to Denmark and which enclosed at least the proof sheetlet and the omnibus issue (and probably a sheet of stamps). eUSC 2 is in the top left hand corner, uncancelled.

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