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4.  eUSC Committee

4.1.  Office Bearers

The current eUSC committee positions are:

Elections for committee members are normally held every year in March, with the new committee taking office on April Fools Day.

In the beginning, there were only two positions: a Facilitator and an Executive Assistant. The first Facilitator quickly became known as the President, and up till 2004 the March election was solely for a new President.

A new Executive Assistant was elected in May 2002 when the original incumbent wished to retire from the position.

In 2004, the Constitution was changed to formally add an APS Representative, the duties of which having been informally carried out until then by jimbo. The position of Media Relations Officer was also added, and the word President was added to the Facilitator position in the list of office bearers.

From 2004 onwards, elections for all four positions were held in March each year, up to and including 2011. After the revival of monthly meetings in October 2013, elections were held in March 2014.

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