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2.  Meetings

2.1.  Monthly Meetings

Meetings were held on the eBay Stamps Chat Board every month on a topic decided by the president who would run the meeting. Topics were varied and included:

2001  cableguy52

Topicals, what you collect and why (Jun 2001)
Stamp Supplies (Aug 2001)
Food on stamps or covers (Sep 2001)
Philatelic literature (Nov 2001)
Stamps or postal history relating to heads of state (Feb 2002)

2002  vonbag

Why do you collect? (April 2002)
Expertization (May 2002)
Collecting strategies (Sep 2002)
Changing collecting habits, personalizing collections, successful finds (Oct 2002)
Influence of talent, opinions of gum on stamps (Nov 2002)
Collecting: stamps vs postal history, investment and collecting (Jan 2003)

2004  abt1950

Forgeries (May 2004)
Topical collections (Sep 2004)
Commemorative stamps (Oct 2004)
Printing techniques (Nov 2004)
Philatelic Pheasts, Philatelic Crimes, Philatelic Gadgets (Dec 2004)
Revenues (Mar 2005)

2005  stampmad

Unusual methods of mail carriage (May 2005)
#1 catalogued stamp from your collection (Jul 2005)

2006  bjornmu

Oops: how to spoil a good philatelic item (Apr 2006)
Say it with stamps (Jul 2006)
Mixed frankings (Sep 2006)
Color changelings (Oct 2006)
Christmas (Dec 2006)
Stamps issued suddenly to replace others (Feb 2007)

2007  antonius-ra

The many relationships between stamps and currency (Apr 2007)
Unknown stamps (Jun 2007)
Collecting: mint vs used (Aug 2007)

2008  lluehhhb

Bridges, nudes and Christmas - in memory of rclwa (Dec 2008)

2011-13  charlietuna619

Show your favorite page (Jul 2011)
What do you collect, one page displays (Oct 2013)
Resources (updating the Yellow Boxes useful links), charity auctions (Nov 2013)
Holiday related philately (Dec 2013)
Topical collecting and stamp albums (Jan 2014)
Local stamps and cinderellas (Feb 2014)
Back of the book issues and revenues (Mar 2014)

2014  sheryll*net and abt1950

E is for Expertizing and Easter (Apr 2014)
War and Peace (May 2014)

If you can add other meeting topics to this list, please let me know.

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