eUSC Logo 1.4.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the Chat Board

1.4.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the Chat Board

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times

Most of the chat board posts and discussions were interesting and fun. The regulars could even scroll the board with off-topic postings (music was one example which would set the board off; computer games was another).

Occasionally the board would have a "grammar" or "spelling" lesson at the expense of a newbie asking a question. It took courage to post on the board, especially as advice from regulars came over as brusque and sharp at times, which was upsetting to newbies. Also, HTML is not forgiving, and large images on the board were frowned upon (due to slow board loading times for those with dial-up connections.

At times someone with a gripe would vent on the board. A few posters took the opposite point of view just to get a  reaction. Regulars had to deal with occasional flaming, often by just one poster who was determined to persecute them.

A few posters were nasty or malevolent. They stirred up the board with their negative posts, or were rude to those who answered their questions. They were the cause of many flame wars. It was a sensible idea to not post at all during those times, but some would don the flak jacket in the balcony and say their piece.

Do you remember when ... ?

The links on this page will take you back to some of the events on the board, be they fun, pedantic, philatelic, off-topic, intellectual or confrontational. Maybe you were there in the balcony when they happened ?


chinggiskhan comes to the board, Jul 27-28, 2001
lvcraps and sniping, Jul 28, 2001
lvcraps and sniping - 2, Jul 28-29, 2001
Daphne visits the board, Jul 28-29, 2001
Minimalist board drift - classicbruce, Aug 6, 2001
schuylercrap's new listings, Aug 15, 2001
chinggiskhan's sister, Aug 15, 2001
stamptraders and discussion of certificates, Aug 23, 2001
Off topic: computer games, Aug 23, 2001
Baltic States independence, 10th anniversary, Aug 23, 2001
When ...... broke the board, Aug 23, 2001
Flying Vegemite!, Aug 23-24, 2001

APS article in Linn's Stamp News, Nov 13, 2001
eBay's vulgarity checker, Nov 13, 2001
longley's "new issue", Nov 14, 2001
Lesson 1:  Don't post large images, Nov 14, 2001
Lesson 2:  Be prepared to wait for an answer, Nov 14, 2001


Discussion on cleaning stamps, Jul 25, 2002
Discussion on detecting watermarks, Jul 25, 2002
What JR collected, Jul 25, 2002
iomoon's crossword clue, Aug 4-5, 2002
petrelet's crossword clue, Aug 4-5, 2002
g.1's crossword clue, Aug 4-5, 2002
rclwa's word games, Aug 5, 2002
pennystamps' last post, Aug 5, 2002
stamp12345 exhibits China sheet from atdinvest, Oct 16, 2002

Shorter topics or quick quotes

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