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schuylercrap's new listings, Aug 15, 2001
Posted by kathmoon (75) star on Aug-15-01 at 13:57:35 PDT Auctions

I have read - with interest - the ongoing discussions about the Florida Forgeries and the effort spent by several of the Regulars to stop them - and I think that is great! Now, I read about Riny - interesting also. I have asked - but never had a response - about the following: Schuyerlac (not sure if spelling is correct). He ALWAYS has Grilled Bank Notes of doubt. He DOES sell AS IS - but he gets bids on all of these week after week. There seems to be no end to his supply of fake Grills. This is as serious - or more serious - than the Florida Overprints, but none of the Regulars seem concerned. Am I missing something? Any comments? Nick

Posted by 776 (455) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 14:13:39 PDT Auctions

kathmoon - Most people here don't buy "As is" lots because they are most likely fake/reperfed/faulty or just bad. But, you raise a good question. I guess because he is a big seller and not likely care what we may say. Also the subject may have been raised in the past.


Posted by iomoon (464) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 14:32:21 PDT Auctions

Schuylerac was discussed in extensive detail just over a year ago.
His memory lives on in the presence of sometime poster schuylercrap, if he remembers to take his medication.

Posted by schuylercrap (2) about me on Aug-15-01 at 16:52:58 PDT Auctions


I am in the process of putting together a most impressive aution of used U.S. reprints. I'm sure the other schuyler has a bunch of "grilled" U.S. issues up for a good taking now.

unlike the other schuyler, my offerings will be complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Disclaimer. This is not an advertisement for historic, current or future auctions. Schuylercrap does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. The views and opinions of schuylercrap expressed on my "me" web page do not necessarily state or reflect those of the schuylercrap, and they may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. Due to the enormity of crap being currently offered and the amount number of antagonistic diatribes, I have had to increase my dosage of medication and increase protocols in order to maintain a proper serum level of medications. All rights reserved...for what I do not know.

Posted by 776 (455) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:17:17 PDT Auctions

Now this is board I remember. It brings a tear to my eye recalling the good old days when the other greg was off his meds.

George ;^)

Posted by iomoon (464) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:22:04 PDT Auctions

May I be so humble as to ask:
Will your auctions be offered "as is" or does the accompaniement of the "certificate of authenticity" disavow you of the necessity for making such a statement?
It would appear that your feedback is not advancing at a great pace. Can one thereby assume that honesty in advertising has it's drawbacks?
I hope you will keep us fully informed as to the unveiling date of this great offering of philatelic gems, several readers wouldn't like to miss them nor have multiple sellers with conflicting auctions.

Posted by 776 (455) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:29:49 PDT Auctions

schuylercrap - I just realized, the name you use is redundant.

George ;^)

Posted by 776 (455) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:32:31 PDT Auctions

Must take a pill, later.


Posted by sneeky37 (195) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:39:16 PDT Auctions

You got that right about the old days, guess the "cease-fire" only last just so long.

Posted by horadam1 (200) star  on Aug-15-01 at 17:45:06 PDT Auctions

776 and sneeky: But, you must admit that it is better than reading 101 postings of "No, you can't say that, blah, blah, blah,..".

Posted by schuylercrap (2) about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:48:02 PDT Auctions

iomoonA sample from one of my previous offerings can be found here

Posted by sneeky37 (195) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:48:46 PDT Auctions

You could be right there, at least it puts a little of life in the board !! LOL

Posted by iomoon (464) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:49:03 PDT Auctions

You are correct, the Auctions link to the top right of each listing is largely to allow board readers to ascertain board posters auctions, the premise being that they are going to be selling something similar to what they are writing about. Such is not always the case.
It has the added advantage for sellers is that they can keep track of how their auctions are progressing as they near closing time.

Posted by malolo (292) star on Aug-15-01 at 17:49:06 PDT Auctions

Vic -Hi. I think that's the point of this whole discussion. It's OK to discuss auctions as part of education, learning, discussion, whatever you want to call it. BUT, big but, next to the RED words above:

"The use of this discussion board for buying, selling or trading will not be tolerated!"

In my mind there is a big difference between discussion and advertising.

I can tell the difference.!


Posted by 776 (455) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 17:55:12 PDT Auctions

horadam1 - Darn, you're getting me all misty again.

George ;^)

Posted by malolo (292) star on Aug-15-01 at 17:58:45 PDT Auctions

A&S - I was going to mention that I had a couple of auctions closing in the next half hour, BUT, big but, I can't remember which ID I'm selling them under. I decided to go the whole ID route like that group stampspecialist<>/b> routed out, BUT, big but, I forgot to write down the 25 passwords. I guess I'll just have to wait for Ebay to tell me who won. Odds are it was me, me or me.


Posted by iomoon (464) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 18:00:40 PDT Auctions

The BPS appears to have been remarkably candid and accurate in their assessment of your offering.

Posted by malolo (292) star on Aug-15-01 at 18:01:53 PDT Auctions

Gee's, Looks like I'll need a sergeant major to fix that mess. Maybe I invented a new HTML face. If anyone thinks they can identify a face, inform Io so he can add it to his list.


Posted by horadam1 (200) star on Aug-15-01 at 18:12:06 PDT Auctions

Roger: No, actually I agree. The intent of this discussion board is to 'foster Philatelics', but I'm certainly not fooled. Ebay wants this to be a selling community and selling on ebay. It would be impractical to post upcoming auctions - to advertise them, or otherwise that is all it would be able to hold. Ebay certainly does not want people to post other venue sites - and I would see no logical reason why ebay should support that anyway. They are the ones paying for this board, and should be able to dictate the style of usage. If someone doesn't agree with that, then they do not need to use the board. I am not trying to defend ebay, just agree that they have the right to dictate terms for their enterprise. The no advertise and no business rules seem fair and practical.

Posted by schuylercrap (2) about me on Aug-15-01 at 18:15:10 PDT Auctions


the BPS is well respected.

I will inform the board when I have completed my listings

Posted by billsey (105) star on Aug-15-01 at 18:28:07 PDT Auctions

Peter, that's a great certificate. Where can I get one for some of my stamps? :-)

Posted by schuylercrap (2) about me on Aug-15-01 at 18:48:25 PDT Auctions


forget the certificate. Look at that beautiful stamp.

Posted by iomoon (464) star about me on Aug-15-01 at 19:51:10 PDT Auctions

I was going to write the certificate was pursepeekayshous but I didn't know how to spell it.
See ya'll friday.

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