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1.4.   The good, the bad and the ugly on the chat board

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On the subject of stamptraders and his views on certificates:

Posted by schuylercrap (2) about me on Aug-23-01 at 18:47:56 PST Auctions


Unlike other dealers, I offer all of my reissues with BPS certifications

When dbenson received a skippy from eBay, atdinvest responded, but D2 had the last word:

Posted by dbenson (2192) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 11:42:11 PST Auctions

received an email from Ebay informing me that I was eligible for an award,

A pin with the Ebay Logo and my name, wow,

A letter from Meg, double wow,

Certificate of Accomplishment, triple wow,

The application form only allows for residents of the US, quadruple wow,

I sent off a nasty letter to them, will let you know what they reply is they ever do,


Posted by atdinvest (577) star on Nov-14-01 at 12:51:35 PST Auctions

Dear Benson (D2).-Regarding your post at 11:42,my most sincere condolences and sympathy for the frustration you just suffered from ebay,your friend ATD.

Posted by dbenson (2192) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 12:53:12 PST Auctions

addie, there is no R in FIEND,


When thebriguy1 was discussing his collection:

Posted by thebriguy1 (0) mask on Feb-4-03 at 21:17:32 PST Auctions

david Excellent point! My collection is for my benefit, what my heirs get for it later is their problem! However, I'm trying to learn how to evaluate things i'm still chasing. I've spent way to long playing with csa material. Some of the covers/stamps in that world considered desirable would be described as "nasty" to ultra picky classic U.S. collectors. I never even wanted to expand my long neglected U.S. until I started brousing thru ebay and getting in touch with all those latent desires!!

I specialized to the point I woke up ignorant!! :)


When sheryll-oswald changed her ID, it was followed by the mask icon, turning her into a "newbie":

Posted by billsey (482) star about me on May-20-03 at 21:17:32 PST Auctions

Well, sheesh Sheryll, what do you expect? :-) Changing your name means that you've now forgotten everything you thought you knew about eBay, and others need to be warned of that...

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