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pennystamps' last post, Aug 5, 2002
Posted by pennystamps (609) star about me on Aug-05-02 at 05:10:19 PDT Auctions

Hello My eBay Friends......

Today is my 4th anniversary on eBay! Today is my last day on eBay!

I have made many friends over the past four years through selling and buying and have come to realize that stamp people are among the greatest in the world.

Was it a tough decision? Not really. See, the only thing I have ever bought on eBay were stamps and camera equipment. When I got burned for $400 on a camera lense and eBay did nothing to assist, I stuck with the safety and honesty of stamp people. Now it is to the point where 1) it is difficult to find anything and 2) eBay just doesn't care. I know that statement can be refuted with the recent action towards adt but it won't be long before another one pops up.

You see, I was never one who minded paying at or above catalogue price when I truly needed something because I always felt I was the best one to determine what the item is worth. Afterall, it was going into my collection and nobody elses.

Many of you know that I have started my own stamp chat board and many of you know as well the I, along with many others, have found an alterantive.

eBay is no longer focused on the "community" aspect. Their focus is on the bottom line. I don't blame them one bit. They have to look out for what is best for the shareholders. Unfortunately, as was previously mentioned, stamps make up a minute portion of the eBay scheme. Therefore, for them to focus on and assist in catering to stamp collectors would require resources which they would see very little if any return. Why do I say this? Because the stamp arena on eBay peaked 2 years ago (iomoon can provide more on this).

This also means that since I am no longer and eBay user, I can no longer be a part of the eUSC. I will never forget the night when the club was launched! I bet eBay was wondering why the hell the stamp board was being refreshed so many times in such a short time period! lol....I wish you all luck with the club. I hope it can develop into something a little more to a point of a useful resource to all stamp collectors by providing information and creating more interactiveness. I will never be ashamed for being part of it.

Well, I have taken up enough of your time. You know where you can find me should you need anything.

Now I gotta go figure out how to NARU myself. I bet eBay hid that function somewhere.

Anyway, God (or whatever your higher Being may be) bless you all and take care.

Posted by sveiki! (2)  about me on Aug-05-02 at 05:39:20 PDT Auctions

pennystamps You need to mail about your NARU wishes. They work in a jiffy with these sorts of requests. {:o)

Posted by vandemonia (123) star  on Aug-05-02 at 05:49:04 PDT Auctions

Hi Everyone
Back from 36 hours in the wilderness and time to sleep. Will catch up on what has been happening on the Board tomorrow.
James - pennystamps
Farewell and thanks for what you have done and continue to do for philately. It's good to know that there are good people like you about.
Have just caught up on the news of your birthday. Another year wiser ... and it shows! Congratulations!

Posted by petrelet (198) star about me on Aug-05-02 at 05:53:09 PDT Auctions

I would say a farewell to Jim except that it's silly to say farewell to a person who has just moved a millimeter down in my list of favorites :-) Maybe I'll just go over 'there' and say hi instead :-)

Posted by trianglemaarten (112) star about me on Aug-05-02 at 06:04:23 PDT Auctions

Farewell pennystamps Jim, but you'll never be more than a few mouseclicks away.
Drats! I thought I'd solved the g.1's "e (13)" clue. My solution was "individually" (individual e), untill I started counting.

Posted by horadam1 (276) star on Aug-05-02 at 06:08:42 PDT Auctions

pennystamps: Sorry that you won't post on both boards, but will see you on the other.



From sunny, but humid Dallas!

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