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1.4.   The good, the bad and the ugly on the chat board


Lesson 1:  Don't post large images, Nov 14, 2001
Posted by utahpinlady (0) on Nov-14-01 at 08:17:01 PST Auctions

Hello! I don't know if the scan will work or not, boomspeed is a little slow. I found this stamp in an envelope in an old filing cabinet and on the envelope it said "Special Stamp?" Can anyone tell me if it is anything special? I don't want to sell it, just want to know if it is junk or something I need to hang on to. It is a 1 cent Andrew Jackson stamp. I have enlarged it considerably to give good detail on the scan. Please let me know here or e-mail me at with any info you have. Thanks! Sue

Posted by utahpinlady (0) on Nov-14-01 at 08:17:01 PST Auctions

I guess the scan won't work, if you think you can help, e-mail me at and I'll send you the scan. Sue

Posted by antonius-ra (351) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 08:19:58 PST Auctions

utahpinlady I'd like to give you the customary "welcome to the stamp board" but I'm afraid you've just made a lot of people angry with posting that super size picture. The stamp is worth 1 cent. If you have 33 more you can mail a letter.

Posted by knuden (594) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 08:31:12 PST Auctions


Welcome to the stamp board! It would be greatly appreciated if chat board participants provide LINKS to pictures rather than posting them directly to this board.
Here's how to post a LINK. Thanks


Posted by utahpinlady (0) on Nov-14-01 at 08:43:28 PST Auctions

antonius-ra, you didn't need to get snotty, I was just asking a question. As far as I could tell the scan didn't work. Sorry if the size bugged you but thought the detail would help. Obviously I'm in the wrong place. Bye

Posted by rfaux (261) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 08:46:19 PST Auctions

utahpinlady It's certainly not junk if it is unused. One cent stamps are ALWAYS nice to have when postal rates go up! Hold on to it and use it with other stamps to mail something to a friend. :) If it is used, a young stamp collector may enjoy it.
By the way, please don't take any comments about the scan wrong. It's just that people like myself have a slow connection & a pic on the board makes it hard for me to download much beyond your post in reasonable time. :)
Tha's why I don't know for sure if it used or not, I didn't wait the extra 2 minutes for it to download.
antonius I read the board earlier today & you called me sneeky or devious? Who me?!?!?! :)

Posted by eddiephilatelic (1281) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 04:02:49 PST Auctions

Well, I see another person who was bold enough to step down from the balcony into the monster pit and venture to post has been chased away. Plenty of people have problems with the HTML, and many others do not know about the link vs. image preferance until it is politely pointed out to them.

Posted by pennystamps (533) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 09:01:00 PST Auctions

isn't that..... a beautiful penny stamp that was posted by utahpinlady?

James C. Munch

Posted by rfaux (261) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 09:03:25 PST Auctions

eddiephilatelic Yes, I agree that this is a problem. I am well aware of the issues of pics on the board, as I stated. BUT, I think we could FIRST be helpful, THEN suggest that they post links. We seem to want to jump to telling people they screwed up on the pic before welcoming & helping.
NO offense intended to anyone else. I realize that Mitch didn't intend to chase her away. Having read his posts for some time, I'd say that he wasn't really directing his comment so much at utahpinlady as at the fact that some get a little upset about this issue....but, if you aren't used to Mitch's posts... ?
Dunno what else to say. I know the people here are good people for the most's just hard to show that 100% of the time to each new person who comes by with EVERY posting since each of us has our own style. The most accomodating individual in face to face contact my seem short and unfriendly in text (they may not type well, they may not write well, they may have less time to get it all down...whatever). Enough....:)
I hope to attend the meeting today. We shall see.

Posted by antonius-ra (351) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 10:40:08 PST Auctions

Rob GRIN......I was refering to that blind link at the top of your page. As most of you know I'm 80 grit a good part of the time. I'm not usually much irritated by image postings. That one took for ever to load though. Just seems like a consideration to ask questions first before dropping large files on the board.
I know several people are gong to be much more irritated by it, and seeing how you guys are having a meeting today it might cause a little problem for those not loading the latest segments of the board.
I will not be able to join the meeting as I just found a car I want on the Arkansas border and need to make a unplanned road trip
utahpinlady Wasn't trying to be snotty, just trying to present the facts, mam. Your post just simply seemed to emulate the masses. Stamp collectors are usually a little more conscientious. now I'm being snotty! Can you tell the difference?

Happy continuation!..........Gottago.............BBML

Posted by antonius-ra (351) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 10:43:09 PST Auctions

Ooops, sorry for the bold. should have been br instead of b

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