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Off topic: computer games, Aug 23, 2001

This started harmlessly enough during the discussion of stamptraders' auctions, but snowballed until a couple of perf hole remnants were spotted on his 356 !

Posted by jaywild (252) star on Aug-23-01 at 12:47:34 PDT Auctions

Yes, and if anyone has any auctions up with a stamp/cover/card (no strictly philatelic items, please) with a date of October 5 and year prior to 1950, let me know!

Posted by josephfriedman (15) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:15:04 PDT Auctions

Hello, if I am concerned that a seller may not ship some collectible items in the grade advertised or in the quantity indicated, if I pay for the item with a credit card--either directly with the seller or with Billpoint or PayPal--am I protected if I find the merchandice not as described? Would I be able to file a credit card cahrge-back in such a circumstance?

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:19:54 PDT Auctions

jaywild These eBay lots may be of interest.

1908: #1181126008
1941: #1179929847

Posted by paperhistory (1161) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 14:26:00 PDT Auctions

josephfriedman: lacking any personal experience with this, I should think that if you pay directly with your credit card you should be able to charge back if there are problems. Also note that you are covered DIRECTLY by eBay insurance (I think it has a $25 deductible and only covers items up to $250). I'm not sure if you have chargeback ability with a paypal payment; there have been some changes in that over time (and I have not done any digging around paypal to read the small print!)

Posted by jaywild (252) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:32:12 PDT Auctions

Hi Tom. Both 1908 and 1941 are covers I already have. The 1908 I bought from Roger (malolo) if I'm not mistaken, and the 1941 item was a card from puppet Croatia, written by a Pole who had been tranferred to Croatia to work, as a slave probably. He speaks in guarded terms, but mentions working a minimum of nine hours a day with no days off, although he was allowed to have a visitor, namely the son of the person he is writing to. A very touching piece.

Thanks Tom for putting the postmark dates in your auctions, and I hope to encourage all sellers, if you have a stamp/cover/card with a legible date on it, please mention the date! You have no idea how many people search the listings for specific dates. With a little extra effort (putting the date in your description) you can widen your audience significantly.


Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 14:38:10 PDT Auctions

josephfriedman Absolutely on all counts! Unfortunately there have been a rash of dishonest buyers making chargebacks on goods that were as described and in good condition.
Sellers beware

I'm staying out of the rest of this least for awhile.
I will say that anybody that comes to this board and claims to be Gods gift to stamps is in for some hard grilling.

Posted by jaywild (252) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:41:56 PDT Auctions

ant-ra... Was that a cleverly hidden pun? You mention josephfriedman and then say something about grilling.... :)

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:43:25 PDT Auctions

jaywild Thanks! I thought you might have those already otherwise I'd have dug your email out earlier.

Someone remarked about the lack of U.S. material. Well, the distribution network has been temporarily disrupted by the legal proceedings in NY combined with capital-related factors. I expect there will be market shortages of various U.S. issues here and there for another two years or so until the auction industry and wholesale distribution network re-stabilizes.

Plus, it's summer doldrums and also the dealers were prepping for stAmPShow.

Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 14:45:21 PDT Auctions

Jaywild I think it just means I'm getting hungry.

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:46:27 PDT Auctions


Posted by iomoon (467) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 14:47:28 PDT Auctions

Beware Zee grill!!!

Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 14:50:34 PDT Auctions

Tom Howdy, long time no see. Have you been hibernating or ingrossed playing Half-Life?

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:55:52 PDT Auctions

Hello Mitchell! Thanks for the post! I lurk here a lot but the past few weeks I've been out beating bushes for material a lot, then putting it up for sale.

I DL-ed Half-Life and went through the exhausting training course (gadzooks). Then I started out on the 46 MB demo and got down one hall and it was too much!! I guess I'll have to be in a certain mood to really dig into that one. Great game though!

PS Did you ever past that one hole you kept falling into? ;-)

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 14:58:27 PDT Auctions

Most of what I saw in that game was spent lying down on my side, unable to move, with all kinds of things going on around me and I think things were biting my rear also, but not sure. LOL

Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:03:02 PDT Auctions

Tom Hole falling into??? The game takes a couple months to beat if your a good player. There must be 50 levels to it, as it seems to go on forever. The complete game is around 500 MB. I made it to the end of the game. The demo would be like a drop in a gallon bucket..hehehehe

Posted by jaywild (252) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:03:27 PDT Auctions

Did somebody mention a Z grill? In case anyone’s interested, this is what one looks like. I swear.

(Nudge, nudge, wink, wink eh?)


Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:07:15 PDT Auctions

Grin......lying on your side not being able to move meant you were dead. No wonder you didn't get to far...... hehehehe.... There surely are many butt biters to watch out for. Like most games it just takes practice with the moves.

Posted by chk99989 (339) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:07:23 PDT Auctions

jaywild That one must have been grilled by Zorro!

chris - I didn't know he was a philatelist

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:08:58 PDT Auctions

Mitchell I'm still in Cairo on TR4 and Lara is stuck at The Chamber of Tulun trying to get past a big monster that can't be killed. Been in that game for a year now off and on and now about 75% finished. But I have taken some long breaks.

Posted by joke-boy (55) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:11:48 PDT Auctions

And the game only gets worse. Later levels require not just "keep from being killed by monsters", but also "move very carefully in a particular way or get killed". *That's* the really annoying part of the game. With games like Diablo, there is no "run, then jump, then crouch, then run again, or else you're dead" missions.


Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:16:58 PDT Auctions

Yes, it does seem that in some scenes, particularly the last sublevel within a troupe of levels, the final action scene amounts to nothing more than keyboard gymnastics, as in TR3 where she has to shoot the Borneo Boss X times while simultaneously doing side flips to avoid his voltage arc weapon and fending off bad-breath lizards at the same time. LOL But the scenery is nice ....

Posted by joke-boy (55) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:26:09 PDT Auctions

Tom, actually, I was talking about Half Life, but it's even more true of any TR. At least with TR, you get the game *expecting* that to be the case. Not so with HL.


Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:26:11 PDT Auctions

That broad jumps around to much for me. Though the scenes are really kewl as you say. I find the jumping part of games rather irritating. Reminds me to much of Donkey Kong.
Thats all I have to say on the subject as I sense I am close to getting grilled for off topic babbling.

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:27:45 PDT Auctions

I guess all the flamers are playing Doom with the balcony lurkers in their asbestos suits. Hence, I better go work on stamps ....

Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:28:27 PDT Auctions

Jim I guess I lied....hehehe
Did you make it through to the end? I rate it the best game ever (except fo the space crap), what's your opinion of it. HL that is.

Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:34:00 PDT Auctions

Unless the scan of that 356 is distorted, the right vertical side measures less than the left.

Posted by joke-boy (55) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:37:24 PDT Auctions

Ant, best game ever? Nah. The Doom variants had better control and movement than HL, as do most of the TR versions. The game's pretty simple and single-minded - kill everything, and keep going into new areas. There aren't a lot of puzzles, and all puzzles seem to be easy/obvious, except for a very few that are too hard. Nothing in between. Good variety of weapons, although I like games to have more non-weapon items. I guess it just seems like when I'm moving around, it's pretty easy to get to some place where the movement or view is just "not quite right". As a first-person shooter, it's probably in the top five. As a real-time game, it's in the top 10. As an overall game, maybe top 20. I'd place Diablo I/II, most Doom variants, at least one TR game, and a bunch of turn-based strategy games in front of it.

But it's easily worth the money, don't get me wrong. On a cost per hour of entertainment, it's hard to beat a good computer game, and this one's right up there with the best.


Posted by gf9 (56) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:40:10 PDT Auctions

ant-ra: look very closely at the bottom left of the stamp and you can plainly see two perf notches

Posted by joke-boy (55) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:41:26 PDT Auctions

Ant, forgot to answer your question. Not only did I finish, but I finished Counter-Strike expansion, and I recently finished Blue Shift expansion twice. Liked Counter-Strike better than Blue Shift.


Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:43:05 PDT Auctions

Unless the scan of that 356 is distorted, there are edges of two perf holes visible at lower left.

Posted by tomloweculturalanthropology (1374) star on Aug-23-01 at 15:46:07 PDT Auctions

ooops! beat me to it ... I shall be leaving the grilling to you!

Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 15:49:39 PDT Auctions

Jim As a very devoted Doomer for several years and having beat Diablo in every possible mode, I'd still disagree. But there really aren't to many things more fun than joning in a game like doom with several other people and blowing the hell out of each other. Dead Simple (#7 D2) rules as the best level of any game for this.....IMNSHO
We otta get a game goin sometime, it's been a long time for me since I've done it.

Posted by horadam1 (201) star on Aug-23-01 at 16:06:54 PDT Auctions

Mitchell: Just getting ready to go back to moving and checked the board. I notice you mentioned beating Diablo in all levels. I've only finished the first normal mode. But, with the special cow level, I seem to get 6-7 regular chipped gemstones each time I play that scenario. I have done it about 4-5 times and got the same each time. (I like to hoard gemstones the same as Indian stamps) The last time they threw about 300 cows at me all at once with the only escape back through the portal. I am reluctant to return. Do you know if I can keep replaying the cow level to gather up enough chipped stones to make perfect gemstones? I realize this is not stamp related.

Posted by joke-boy (55) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 16:07:11 PDT Auctions

Ant, the difference between Doom and HL is that Doom would create a scenario where there was a clearly best way to kill something - angle of approach, weapon choice, that kind of thing. If you did it right, you'd come through unscathed. If you did it wrong, you'd be dead or at least hurt. If you did it wrong several times in a row, you'd be hating life. It was a shoot-em-up game that required you to think. HL... not so much. Any way you kill something is fine, pretty much.

Diablo can be kind of mindless. But it makes up for it with a huge variety of items, and your ability to improve stuff (gems, for instance) and select how your character grows adds a level to the game that doesn't exist in the others.

I'm actually far more attracted to turn-based strategy games. Empire-building is way cool. So I like Age of Empires, Warcraft, those types of games the best.


Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 16:16:46 PDT Auctions

Vic Wondered if you'd turn up for this discussion? Haven't played Diablo for a couple years so my memory is quite fuzzy on the topic.
Jim I've found that Warcraft and Starcraft to be probably the most addicting games of all. I'm not sure why but they just seem to get under your skin.

To keep it Stamp related, here's another addition to my site:
The World of Stamps Collection Index

Posted by joke-boy (55) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 16:18:21 PDT Auctions

Ant, if you really liked Warcraft, then you'll really *really* like Age of Empires II.


Posted by horadam1 (201) star on Aug-23-01 at 16:27:59 PDT Auctions

Mitchell: Just checking in at work and stumbled onto my next favorite topic (computer games). I liked AOE II also. I was just wondering about the special cow level gemstones on Diablo II. Back to packing and moving.

Jim: Please CYE.

Posted by antonius-ra (339) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 16:37:46 PDT Auctions

Jim Thanks for the tip, fact is I havn't played anything for several months and I'm always a little hesitant to jump into a new one. I become extremely obsessed with good ones until I have beat them. I'm trying to be good for a while but I'll put that on the top of my list. Mitchell.............really needing to get back to listing stuff

Posted by billsey (109) star on Aug-23-01 at 16:37:55 PDT Auctions

A&S On a stamp related note... I picked up two Argentina #4 (1860 Argentine Confederation 5c) used stamps in a couple of collections lately. I'm guessing these both have forged cancels, but I'd like more opinions. Here, part of my online Argentina collection.

Posted by samples (544) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 16:39:54 PDT Auctions

Put me down as WarCraft fan.

Posted by rfaux (253) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 16:48:45 PDT Auctions

Last game I played was Midtown Madness, light-hearted and generally silly. Been a long time & will be longer before I play another computer game....

Posted by iomoon (467) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 16:50:45 PDT Auctions

As a recent newcomer to stamp collecting I'd like to ask a number of questions (possibly stamp-related)

  • Who is Zorro and why would he/she create a grill? Is it like that boxer, heavyweight person? I forgot his name but I'm not going to argue with the HW Champion of "the world".
  • Do covers from Isla Diablo command a premium over Alcatraz??
  • Is it true that there was a pigeon(pidgeon?)-post from Alcatraz?
  • Is it really true that Australia will eventually collide with Asia, thereby causing extreme conflict in Indonesia?
  • Why are eBay stamp sellers worried about hair loss when two former presidents (at least) of eBay stamp club have pony tails?
  • What is the current Scott catalog value of Gibbons CD41?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Posted by jakstay (146) star  on Aug-23-01 at 16:58:33 PDT Auctions

I can't resist--Jim, is this a pop quiz? Bill B.

Posted by tulrose (175) star on Aug-23-01 at 16:58:41 PDT Auctions

Vegemite Folks, I love Vegemite; brought up on it. And no, I won't be carrying my litre jar up to Chicago on Saturday. It will stay safely in the fridge. You really don't have to refrigerate it but I prefer it that way.

Rosemary (another happy little vege-mite).

Posted by iomoon (467) star about me on Aug-23-01 at 17:10:31 PDT Auctions

Sorry Rosemary
But I feel it is your bounden duty to unleash vegemite on the eBay stamp board readers.
I can assure you, they will be very disappointed otherwise
Bill B

Posted by stamp12345 (110) star on Aug-23-01 at 18:09:37 PDT Auctions

REPORT ON APS STAMPSHOW IN CHICAGO----just got home from the big stamp show, i must say i was impressed .it was well done and well planned. i pick-up a z-grill and a inverted jenny at the show as it was closing on my way out the door.. seriously it is worth going to....the exhibts were top rate with something for and seating was good ,lots of room to move around.people were friendly and in a upbeat attitude. lots of one dollar covers deals ,i ended up with a few nice early first flight covers with kas. and nebraska overprints ,a real find for me plus some pre-1900 s worldwide covers to add to my worldwide collection.all for a buck each..i did notice a new trend of the pick your stamps from a stock book or from enevolpes at 10 cent each ,a few dealers were offering the cheaper stamps at that price...which is great for me because i got millions of see i purchased them at 2 cents each and now selling at 10 cents a 500% increase in value not bad ..... i plan to attend the auction on sunday and purchase a dealer inventory of red boxes ,something to play with this next winter.... try to make it to the show... .paul

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