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Daphne visits the board, Jul 29, 2001
Posted by on Jul-29-01 at 16:09:46 PDT

Hey gang.. how's stuff? Would you believe when I promised someone I'd be here this morning that I'd forgotten I work nights on Sundays? *sigh* I think I need another vacation..... ;) Daphne

Posted by sheryll-oswald (60) star about me on Jul-29-01 at 16:13:01 PDT Auctions

Mornin' Daphne, glad you could drop by!


Posted by lee (358) star on Jul-29-01 at 16:17:43 PDT Auctions

Hi Daphne, I know you don't hear this often, but I don't have anything to complain about ;-)

Posted by on Jul-29-01 at 16:22:57 PDT

sheryll-oswald...Hello! Looks like it's slow around here at the moment....I'll be around later if things pick up.

I would like to mention that I'm trying to get some input from Community Watch on the recent concerns this board has expressed to me about a couple different issues: one is about a change in our forgery policies, and the other is the ended auctions for covers with swastikas. I hope to hear back on Monday/Tuesday and will share with you what I learn.


Posted by on Jul-29-01 at 16:24:11 PDT

lee.. hey, that's great! Mind if I keep your post for my scrapbook? hehehe! :)


Posted by krautinjapan (587) star about me on Jul-29-01 at 16:33:54 PDT Auctions

Hi Daphne - good, Sunday morning would have been night in Japan... Now that you're here - I think we are all eagerly waiting for your input on
a) the forgery issue and
b) eBay's total ignorance of the legal situation in Germany, France, Austria and Italy concerning buying, selling, trading, possession and putting on display philatelic items of the Third Reich and related. If eBay needs advice on German law, I will be glad to assist! I can see that advice on German law is badly needed!



Posted by malolo (283) star on Jul-29-01 at 16:44:05 PDT Auctions

Hi all! - Tried a drive by earlier and just as I was ready to post had a power failure for over 45 minutes, must get a new Power supply, this one is shot.

William got messed up this morning because of different world standards in using punctuation in monetary values. See here. When one can only bid in whole DM, coming into a venue that allows decimal parts of the monetary unit. One may be surprised and confused.

blackmongoose -You are costing yourself unnecessary expenses in buying stamps. No one knows you have “bid as high as is humanly possible.” The only number a sniper sees is the current high bid. Ebay’s computers have the proxy dollars hidden, waiting, apparently a bunch of your dollars. I rarely consider what the current high bid is, because I have no idea what’s hidden in the computer. There is no way you can bluff and predict that others get stuck with junk. Maybe they all think you are overpaying for junk, an open question. No meanness intended! If you go over all the items you’ve bid on over the past month and looked at the winning bid, ask yourself whether or not you would have paid that amount? If so, you are not bidding correctly, if you are comfortable with losing some lots, you are bidding correctly. There are too many bidders coming in and leaving Ebay to play the game you suggested. Maybe in a live auction where you see the bidders, but what you are suggesting is like bidding against a phone bidder. They can stop at any time as well. To quote someone on this board, that’s a dangerous bidder.

Someone - I think you are a statistician who has a system for beating the odds in Vegas, and is trying to apply the same system to the stamp market.
You say there are two ways of making money in the stamps business, “when you buy and when you sell”. It’s one transaction. You don’t make money until you sell. The buying price just determines a starting point for the potential profit. The selling price concludes the transaction and finalizes the profit. If you are at the craps table, you don’t make money when you place the bet, you’re just positioning yourself for a potential profit. The same with buying a stamp. Not all purchases are winners!


Posted by on Jul-29-01 at 16:51:08 PDT

Hi krautinjapan.... I don't know much at the moment on the forgery issue. I only know what I've learned from folks on this board. I've emailed my contact in Community Watch and hope to hear more this week that I can share.

As we've discussed before, on the Nazi/hate items ban...our policies were not designed around any particular European, or other, laws. eBay developed this policy independent of laws regulating the sale of these items around the world. I think that's confusing for many members, who want to point to German law and those of other countries where the sale of these items is allowed. But, again, this decision was made by eBay executives, because they felt it was important for eBay's relationship with the global community... it wasn't a legal issue. That said, it's true that many folks have differing opinions on this matter, and I can tell you that it wasn't any easy one for eBay to make.

To clarify, with respect to this ban what I'm trying to determine at the moment is whether stamp covers are included (or can be included) under the Stamps exclusion from this ban. As you know, Stamps and Coins are not subject to this ban.


Posted by malolo (283) star on Jul-29-01 at 16:51:25 PDT Auctions

Hi Daphne - I think I'll summarize a few things while you've been away.
Most members would feel better if an Ebay member stopped by more frequently.
There was a lot of discussion about inconsistancies in Ebay's policies. On one hand a venue, on another not a venue.
Talk of stamp sellers and buyers trying to determine another venue, due to the unresponsivness of Ebay to Stamp Collectingconcerns.
You are the big game in town right now, but heading towards corporate selling at retail pricing is moving away from the Ebay philosophy.That's opening up cracks in the walls of the fort.
Have a nice day, stop the banne ads on search pages, and see you more often.


Posted by 776 (444) star about me on Jul-29-01 at 16:57:04 PDT Auctions

Good evening Daphne - We're all doing great here. The plasma drive kicked in and we're making great time. Toklu says hi. We should be arriving back in your system any year now. I hope all the programs helped. The Syrve programmers spent a lot of seconds thinking about them. Well, you know it's all relative, speaking of which how is Bob? You know we have to take him back for a retrofit. You have to keep those androids serviced or it will bite in the rear one day. Got to go, looks like the hyper link is failing. See you soon.


Posted by on Jul-29-01 at 16:59:26 PDT
malolo.. Hi and thanks for your comments. :) I know there's been confusion about some recent listings that were ended, and I'm trying to get more info on that. Can you explain your comment about "corporate selling at retail pricing"? Is this just a general comment, or one that pertains to the Stamps folks specifically?

I will tell you that I honestly do not think the banner ads will ever go away, but we're working on improving the way they work so that they cause users fewer concerns and problems.

Also, feel free to invite me anytime there are serious problems going on. There are very few of us and we have a lot of ground to cover, but I'm happy to come when there's a need. I will also try to just come 'chat' with you all more often.... :)


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