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chinggiskhan comes to the board, Jul 27-28, 2001
Posted by chinggiskhan (0) on Jul-27-01 at 12:31:14 PDT Auctions

hello. this ebay is very interesting

Posted by chinggiskhan (0) on Jul-28-01 at 14:25:04 PDT Auctions

hello. collect stamps horsemanure. eschange with mongolia barbecue. thank you very much

Posted by 776 (444) star about me on Jul-28-01 at 14:28:11 PDT Auctions

chinggishkhan - Welcome to the stamp board, I think.


Posted by chinggiskhan (0) on Jul-28-01 at 14:30:25 PDT Auctions

send sister in post. sister very cheep. no work no pay. good work send me money. thank you very much

Posted by cmarsha (16) star on Jul-28-01 at 14:31:56 PDT Auctions

Dont know if subject matter is limited just to Ebay issues or not but would like to throw this one out and see if anyone else has had my experience. Just what is it with collectors in the former USSR?? One of the enjoyable benefits of being on line has been that I've been able to develop good exchange and correspondence partners in various contries in which I have philatelic interest. All except Russia; there is no lack of ads on the websites from 'philatelists' wanting exchange. Turns out that nearly without exception they all have impossible demands and expectations. One promising contact fell apart after he emailed me with a request I send over $700 face in US postage. Another just this week fell by the wayside after he learned I could not sent him a complete set of 2001 Scott catalogs 'to establish a basis for our exchange.' He wasnt even offering to send me anything in return for them. They all seem to act as though they think US collectors are rolling in money. Maybe they are so new at capitalism they dont know how the game is played. If anoyone out there hass had any luck finding good exchange partners in this area, give me a holler. Thanks!!

Posted by chinggiskhan (0) on Jul-28-01 at 14:41:41 PDT Auctions

russia collector no good cowboy. eschange with bad horsemanure. russia collector ride horse in sky. chinggis not like russia collector. thank you very much

Posted by horadam1 (196) star on Jul-28-01 at 15:38:13 PDT Auctions

chinggiskhan: ???

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