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Longley's "new issue", Nov 13, 2001
Posted by longley (179) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 02:44:17 PST Auctions

NEW ISSUE (finally) Olivia Alice Longley arrived safely Nov 13, 2001 at 11:56 PM weighing 8lb 14 oz. That makes three for my most precious and valuable collection - alway on display, always best in show. Mother is doing fine (actual delivery in 5-10 minutes -- a near drive through delivery). Dad is bursting with pride and had to share this fine occasion with my online friends here.

Bill (nap then back to hospital)

Posted by knuden (594) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 02:50:06 PST Auctions


Congratulation with the new member of the family!

Remember to keep her dry or she will stick to the surface!! :O)


Posted by vonbag (82) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 02:58:35 PST Auctions

Bill L. felicitations for you and your family! Paolo

Posted by kassi_de (1044) star on Nov-14-01 at 03:09:07 PST Auctions

longley...CONGRATULATIONS also from me and the best for you @ll !!! :-)))

Posted by abt1950 (114) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 04:02:49 PST Auctions


Bill Many congrats on the new issue. Always nice to have a special delivery! Enjoy the nap--it's the last you'll get for awhile, :-). Anne

Posted by mrsamoa (146) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 05:12:19 PST Auctions

Bill... From one brand new father to another (who's already exhibited his collection)... CONGRATULATIONS!!

Posted by iomoon (504) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 05:22:42 PST Auctions

Good day all.
Congratulations Bill.

Posted by chk99989 (95) star on Nov-14-01 at 05:54:36 PST Auctions

longely Congratulations! Babies are a joy.
and a lot of work!


Posted by cableguy52 (465) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 07:44:21 PST Auctions

I wanted to keep this out of the clutter of the meeting-post: Congratulations Bill L.!!!
A large-gold medal to you and your wife!

Posted by horadam1 (204) star on Nov-14-01 at 07:47:24 PST Auctions

Bill L: Congratulations on the fine addition to your flock. Even though they can be a pain in the arse sometimes, they are definitely worth it! Many sleep interrupted nights ahead!

Posted by antonius-ra (351) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 08:17:27 PST Auctions

Bill L. Congrats on the new arrival. I've been wondering what color bands to put on those cigars up in the balconey. I suspect you havn't had much sleep this week. I thought she was ready to make her debut last Friday or so.

Posted by malolo (311) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 08:58:41 PST Auctions

Bill - Congratulations!

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