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Lesson 2:  Be prepared to wait for an answer, Nov 14, 2001
Posted by gran (270) star on Nov-14-01 at 15:58:43 PST Auctions

Hi - have a "stamp" question. Is there a market for unused 2c postcards? Not the pix kind, the plain ones purchased from the post office I guess.

Posted by gran (270) star on Nov-14-01 at 16:22:50 PST Auctions

Well, guess this is NOT the place for those not-in-the-know to ask questions. Sorry for intruding.

Posted by horadam1 (204) star on Nov-14-01 at 16:44:55 PST Auctions

gran: Unfortunately those 2 cent envelopes probably don't have much value, but you should check in a catalogue first if they are really old. If I have unused postal stationery or postcards, and I know they are not valuable, I add more stamps on them and use them for letters, usually to dealers or stamp collectors.

Posted by iomoon (504) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 16:46:49 PST Auctions

Use some common sense.
Yes, there is a market for everything.
List Hollywood CA in Stamps:UK(Great Britain):Edward VIII.
As good a place as any.
At least they won't have much competition
You could also try Stamps:Philatelic:Other. Not much gets listed there either.
You might be better off listing them in postcards, however then you will have competition!!
Sorry if this is cynical, but it's been another hard day.
And welcome to the board
Next time you post a question, wait a few hours before giving up in apparent disgust at not receiving instant gratification.

Posted by ed845 (904) star on Nov-14-01 at 17:16:41 PST Auctions

iomoon: Just been catching up with the evenings posts to the board and I have to say that I hold you completely responsible for me spilling my cocoa all over the place when I read your reply to the ? of where to post some covers.

Ed VIII does sound as good a place as any. Ed

Posted by iomoon (504) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 17:32:42 PST Auctions

I abjure myself of the responsibility for any stamp that may have been destroyed as a result of inadvertant actions taken by readers to the board whilst in the possession of consumable liquids.
BBL gotta eat.

Posted by gran (270) star on Nov-14-01 at 19:48:21 PST Auctions

Sarge next time someone wants to charge you 40c confirmation when they're shipping priority, tell them about the free confirmation when printing their own priority label

Horadam1 thank you. I appreciate your comments

Iomoon since you were one of several who ignored my question (see your posts after mine) and you are the one who chose to be rude...let me 'splain something to you. I admit this is just my opinion - this board is provided to be helpful to eBay users. When folks like you are too busy being literary and don't wish to be bothered with small-time questions, I don't think "instant gratification" has anything to do with it. And now I admit that I'm somewhere I obviously don't belong and will probably be flamed again.

to those who emailed me many thanks, I do appreciate your help and your obvious willingness to be helpful.

Posted by 776 (487) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 19:57:38 PST Auctions

iomoon - Is that one or two demerits?

George ;^)

Posted by gran (270) staron Nov-14-01 at 20:00:41 PST Auctions

I rest my case.

Posted by iomoon (504) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 20:14:30 PST Auctions

I was not being rude, just honest.
If you want to take an honest opinion. As for being rude, that is entirely your opinion.
If you cannot figure out where to list California postcards, why bother to list items on ebay, especially with a feedback of 270, which I assume means that you know what you are doing, even if you have not been regularly selling stamps or postcards.
If the latter is not the case, don't expect to come on stamp board and expect a definitive answer in less than an hour.

Posted by 776 (487) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 20:33:38 PST Auctions

iomoon - I've got the popcorn.

George ;^)

Posted by iomoon (504) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 20:44:23 PST Auctions

Sorry george
I'd like to join you with popcorn, but I'm whacked. See you in the morning.

Posted by 776 (487) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 20:45:49 PST Auctions

gran - I make comments on the board often and get get no response. But then, I'm ingnored most of the time, even off the board. My wife ignores me. My son, Gavin ignores me. Come to think of it, everybody ignores me. God, I need a life!
I may have wandered from the topic a little, sorry.

George ;^)

Posted by 776 (487) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 20:47:28 PST Auctions

Can't type either.


Posted by stampmad (545) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 20:51:55 PST Auctions

Sorry George, didn't hear what you said. Too busy ignoring you :-)


Posted by laum1 (1171) star on Nov-14-01 at 20:59:18 PST Auctions

George For some reason, my kids never ignore me around Christmas time :-) They love to show me the latest gadgets being promoted by Madison Avenue.

Posted by horadam1 (204) star on Nov-14-01 at 21:32:43 PST Auctions

Who is this guy George, has he ever been on this board before? What does this 776 mean? Oh well, never mind, it probably isn't important.

Posted by horadam1 (204) star on Nov-14-01 at 21:36:54 PST Auctions

(Actually George - you hit upon the true way most people look at us 'stamp collectors'.... "You just need to get a life."

To that I say, "Why?" I am quite satisfied spending my time looking at little pieces of paper and dreaming of all the history surrounding them.)

Posted by antonius-ra (204) star about me on Nov-14-01 at 23:05:07 PST Auctions

IoLooks like I left home just in time so you could play the bad guy.

Posted by sheryll-oswald (75) star about me on Nov-15-01 at 00:31:57 PST Auctions

Vic - I remember George. He posted once when Daphne was here. Something about the plasma drive kicking in, and someone (or something?) called "Toklu" said hi. Apparently, he is expected back in our system any year now. And there was something else about Syrve programmers and the android that bites in the rear.

Then his hyper link faded out and I couldn't catch any more. Gee, I hope he's ok.....

Sorry, dunno what the 776 is all about. : )


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