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Trip to Pacific Mexico 

San Carlos
(February 1-8, 2008)


On the way down to Mazatlán, we spent a week in San Carlos where the weather was pleasant but cool - sunny days with a long-sleeved top and a coat at nights.  We needed a couple of blankets as there was no heating in our apartment.

We stayed on a hill called the Caracol (= "snail" in Spanish) which affords great views of Tetakawi, the twin-peaked suggestive mountain!

Over breakfast, we would watch the boats coming in and out of the harbour.  We were told that one of the richest men in the world brings his enormous yacht in sometimes.

Sunsets were spectacular.  Every day we were there, the sun would inch further up Tetakawi.

Beach at La Manga fishing village, with Tetakawi in the background

We spent days combing the beach (Steve has brought back 40 pounds of rocks and some shells!), visiting the nearby town of Guaymas (more a commercial center than a tourist town), and investigating all the little dirt roads north including to a fishing village with great restaurants selling seafood.

One day in Guaymas, we came back from lunch to find our car missing and a whole pile of people waiting along the street for the Carnaval parade.

Steve was in a panic, but the police directed us to where they had had it towed, and we stayed and watched the parade.

The parade was spectacular, and went on till after dusk.  Many people waved back at me or posed for a photo.

A saguaro cactus forest has been planted outside what used to be the Club Med resort, now the Paradiso Resort and Beach Club.

The Nacapule Canyon is a short drive from San Carlos, along a dirt road.

It is unusual in that it has tropical vegetation, even though it is in the middle of the Sonora Desert.

The movie Catch-22 was partially filmed at San Carlos.  We visited the site of the airstrip, and saw remnants of buildings and the airstrip overgrown with desert plants.

Do you recognize these mountains?

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