What's Sheryll up to now?

Trip to Pacific Mexico

(January 31, 2008)


On our way down to Mexico, I made the time for us to stop in at Chandler, south-east of Phoenix, to pick up some of the Mojo pies I had read about on the MatesUpOver ex-pat website. The shop was called Down Under Wines and the owner Roger Carpenter was very friendly.

His American offsider took lots of photos of us there, and here's one of us with Roger.

Whilst we were there, a couple of ladies came in to browse. One, a Pom, had just made some brownies, and she gave both Roger and me a couple of them each - they were the best brownies I had ever tasted!!!

The other lady was a Kiwi, and it was like we were all long-lost friends, so glad were we to meet kindred spirits.

Outside in the carpark, I saw the number plates "DWUNDER" and "KIWI US", and it was not hard to work out to whom they belonged.

We were coming from Mesa, heading to Tucson, so tried the Chandler location, but Mojo Pies are at 7 places in AZ (in Chandler, Phoenix and Scottsdale) - check their website for the addresses.

BTW, the Mojo pies weren't cheap, but they were darn good!

On our way to Tucson, we passed Pinal Air Park, near Marana.  This airfield is a "boneyard" for old aircraft, which are stored there in the hope that the dry desert air will prevent corrosion should the planes be needed again.  Most of the planes once belonged to Northwest Airlines.

Turning my life around.....