What's Sheryll up to now?

San Diego (October 17-24, 2006)

Borrego Springs and Tom

San Diego city viewed from the Coronado bridge

On the following day, we drove out to the Anza-Borrego desert to see my friend Tom.

Yes, deafening silence may be a cliche, but try listening out in the desert on a windless day.....

We stopped at a viewpoint on Montezuma Valley Road, and looked eastwards. The town of Borrego Springs was laid out below us.

Steve alerted me to the quiet of the desert, so I strained to listen. There were no bird calls or insect noises to break the spell. No breeze. No humming of machinery. Only the sound of blood pulsating through my ears. A deafening silence.....

Steve told me the mountains look like this in Arizona, too.

Then we headed on down to Borrego Springs.

As we gazed out towards the mountains in the south, Tom told me that one of the hottest places in the United States was not all that far away.

After we had lunch, Tom drove us out to Fonts Point, east of Borrego Springs. The terrain was amazing! Here's a view to the south-east.

Salton Sea is California's largest lake.

View here is to the east. Salton Sea, a large inland saline lake, is in the distance.

Some of the hills showed a faint tinge of green, due to some rain a few weeks ago.

View to the south-west. See the dry stream beds.

We drove from San Diego into the desert from the mountains at left.

I call this the "grand canyon". View is to the west, and Borrego Springs can be seen in the distance.

Borrego Springs is in the background to the west.

I had known Tom on the eBay stamps chat board since 2001, back in the hair-raising days of the "Florida Forger"!

Ocotillo blossoms are red.

This ocotillo may look dead, but it is just biding its time till the next rain, when it will come into bloom.

Some parts of the road were worse than this.....

Thankfully, Tom had taken us to Fonts Point in his 4-wheel drive, as our rental car would surely have become bogged in the sand!

Shelter valley was once called Earthquake Valley, but the name was changed for real estate marketing purposes.

Later, Tom showed us his block of land in Shelter Valley, to the south-west of Borrego Springs. He and I climbed the hill to enjoy sweeping views of the valley.

We couldn't believe it when we went to pick up our 'compact' rental car - a 7-seater van ?!!

Meanwhile, Steve stayed below to watch the cars. It looks like something out of an ad for Dodge, but don't be fooled.....

Turning my life around.....