What's Sheryll up to now?

Caribbean (June 9-21, 2006)


one of Barbados' many beautiful beaches

Next stop - Aruba. It was another brilliant sunny day and we made our way to the Jolly Pirates ship for a snorkelling and swing tour. I saw quite a few varieties of fish and some schools of squid on one of our snorkeling stops.

There is a second pirate ship in the distance.

The swing was fun, and I even had a couple of goes on it.

Lots of people tried jumping from the swing, including me!

This guy would do crazy things qand was great to watch.

Aruba is quite flat and arid, with low desert shrubs. It is an autonomous Dutch territory and Dutch is the official language, but everyone we met spoke English. Here's a pic of Oranjestad, the capital on the west coast, taken from the ship.

The hill to the left in the distance is called Hooiberg.

Turning my life around.....