RAV4 on Show, on Tour

Last updated:    August 24, 2014 (PDT)

RAV4: on Show, on Tour

Buying a new car in 2007 was exciting, and after having 21 modifications done to it, this was no ordinary RAV4!  It opened the door at last to road trips in a reliable vehicle. I wanted to take photos of it worthy of hanging up in an auto dealer's showroom or being published in a glossy magazine, before the novelty wore off.

These large photos are all sized at 1920x1080 pixels to make ideal computer wallpaper for 3rd generation RAV4 aficionados. Enjoy!

For an extra diversion and a look through the Toyota factory in Vancouver, WA, check out the Sep 2007 RAV4 meet page.
Warning for the faint-hearted:  You will see RAV4s bogged in sand, but they do make it out by the end of the page!

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Portland and surrounds, 2007

Cornelius, March

Hillsboro, May

Columbia Gorge, September

Vista House, September

Oregon, 2007

Hood River, April

Fort Rock, August

Crater Lake, August

Crater Lake, August

Washington, 2007

Kelso, March

Kelso, March

Long Beach, April

Long Beach, April

Mexico - San Carlos, Feb 2008

Across the bay

La Manga

La Manga

North of San Carlos

Catch 22 Set

Catch 22 Set

Mexico - Mazatlán and surrounds, Feb - Mar 2008

Celestino Gazca (north)

El Delfin (north)

La Noria (north-east)

Teacapan (south)

Playa Sur, Mazatlán

California - San Francisco, Jun 2008


Golden Gate Bridge

California - Redwoods, Jun 2008

California - Yreka, Klamath, Jun 2008

Carson House

Trees of Mystery

Oregon - Gold Beach, Jun 2008

Oregon, July-Sep 2008

Barview Campground



Covered bridge, Linn County

Pacific City


Mexico - Mazatlán and surrounds, Oct-Dec 2008

Playa Sur

La Secreta

Los Osuna Tequila Factory

If you have any questions about these photos, please drop me a line at sheryll at sheryll dot net.

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