Oregon Stamp Society

Club Showcase exhibit prepared for PIPEX 2020

which was to be held on May 8-10, 2020

Theme: Philately Through the Ages

Decade(s) Exhibit Page Title
1840s The First Stamp Issues
1850s The Goldrush
1860s Civil War Revenues
1870s South American Camelids
The 1870s...not too early to begin a topical collection
1880s-1890s Guatemala revenues
1900s Boer War, U.S.S. Oregon
1910s R.M.S. Titanic
1920s Post-WWI German Inflation Issues
1930s The Great Depression
1940s India 1947
1950s Eva Peron
1960s-1970s Space Race
1980s 1985 Transportation decimal coil issues
1990s Technology and the end of the Millennium
2000s-2010s 9/11 and its Legacy: United We Stand

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