Oregon Stamp Society Exhibits

Last updated:    May 16, 2019 (PDT)

Oregon Stamp Society Exhibits

Oregon Stamp Society 1916 - 2016

The following exhibits were displayed at the clubhouse Open Day on July 16, 2016 as part of the Oregon Stamp Society centennial celebrations.

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PIPEX Stamp Shows Hosted by the Oregon Stamp Society PIPEX Stamp Shows NOT Hosted by the Oregon Stamp Society PIPEX Stamp Shows hosted by the Oregon Stamp Society and PIPEX Shows hosted by the Other NWFSC Clubs
Oregon Stamp Society: Our First 100 Years The Oregon Stamp Society Perfin O.S.S. Do You Know?
Other Stamp Shows Hosted by the Oregon Stamp Society Our Clubhouse O.S.S. E.F.O.S, aka Oregon Stamp Society Enormous or Fun Odds and Sods

2017 efforts

The PIPEX cover exhibit was expanded to 6 frames, but was not shown at PIPEX 2018.

If you would like to donate items (labels, covers or exhibition programs) or send scans that would fill gaps on these pages, please drop me a line at sheryll at sheryll dot net.

Club Showcase Exhibits


The PIPEX 2014 prospectus invited each Northwest Federation of Stamp Club member club to show a frame of one-page exhibit pages prepared by members. The idea for this initiative in exhibiting was taken from SEAPEX, as well as a few other shows around the country.


As the themed exhibit from Evergreen Stamp Society proved most popular in 2014, Oregon Stamp Society (OSS) members put together a themed exhibit on Oregon for the 2015 PIPEX. That year a cup was awarded to the most popular exhibit, which was themed "Oregon Country" and put together by the Pacific Northwest Postal History Society.

The OSS Oregon exhibit was aired again at SEAPEX 2015. 


It was expanded slightly for display in the Collins Gallery at the Multnomah County Library as part of the Stamps: Pathways to Our World exhibition held from July 9 till August 21.


We decided to use the idea of spelling out the phrase STAMP COLLECTING in 15 one-page exhibits for our PIPEX 2017 club showcase exhibits. Letters were selected and soon member exhibitors had made some quite colorful, fun and informative pages. When it was finally put in the frames at PIPEX 2017, it won the PIPEX Cup award for best Club Showcase exhibit.

It was displayed with the Cup from May 15 till July 12 at Shute Park Branch Library in Hillsboro. It was shown again at SEAPEX 2017.


After a meeting of brainstorming 20 themes, we held a vote for a shortlist. The idea of Dead Countries was most popular, and it was very successful. Along the way, we had fun with Dead Country facts, quizzes and Album Page articles. The end result was certainly Cup-winnable material!


For PIPEX 2019 and 2020 (when we can finally win the Cup back), we ended up voting for both years at once. Non-Traditional Stamp Shapes was the clear winner for 2019 and Philately Through the Ages for the following year. Our display name changed to Thinking outside the Rectangle by the time PIPEX 2019 came around. The exhibit was strong and vibrant.

The exhibit was shown at Shute Park Branch Library in Hillsboro in July and August, then at SEAPEX 2019 in September.


PIPEX 2020 has been canceled due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, but our club exhibitors are going to make their exhibit pages anyway. They each tell a story about something philatelic which happened in their chosen decade (or decades, as we had 3 spare decades to also cover).

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OSS 2014 PIPEX Club Exhibit OSS 2015 PIPEX Club Exhibit - Oregon OSS 2017 PIPEX Club Exhibit - STAMP COLLECTING
OSS 2018 PIPEX Club Exhibit - Dead Countries OSS 2019 PIPEX Club Exhibit - Thinking Outside the Rectangle OSS 2020 Club Exhibit - Philately Through the Ages

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