100 Years of the New Hebrides   1892 - 1992

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1.1.  NSW Postal Agency

1899 Cover to Canada

1899 Cover to Canada

This cover was posted to Canada from the New Hebrides using the NSW Postal Agency on Sep 6, 1899. The NSW 2d stamp paid the foreign letter rate.

1899 Cover to Canada

1899 Cover to Canada

It is backstamped with Sydney (19 September 1899) and Windsor, Ontario (25 October 1899) transit cancels, Halifax (?? October 1899) receiving cancel.

Rev. P.M. Morrison

Rev. P.M. Morrison was the Agent for Schemes of the Church of the Eastern section of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. This section was responsible for administering the mission work in the New Hebrides.

The missionaries wrote to him about their hardships, progress and daily life. Unfortunately, this letter never reached him as he passed away in July 1899, not long after the annual Synod.

Could it have been from Dr Annand, at Tangoa on the island of Santo, who wrote to him after the 1899 Synod? Here is an excerpt from that letter:

In looking over our classes the other evening, and seeing the bright faces, I was reminded of the fact that many of them had been heathen, and that all their parents had lived in darkness. Twenty-six years ago, when we first came to the New Hebrides, there was not one Christian among the people now represented by our students. Then, and for some time after, there was not a baptized person north of the south side of Efate. Five of our students are from Mr. J. Mackenzie's district, but they come from Vila, among whose parents we first worked for three years. The whole of our sixty-six students come from districts wholly heathen twenty-five years ago, and manv of them from places not half that time under the influence of the Gospel.

We are greatly encouraged when we think of what God has done, and is still doing among our New Hebrideans. We hope and believe that, before another twenty-live years pass, there will be few if any of the people left in these islands remaining in heathen darkness. However the battle is not yet finished. The enemy disunites every foot of ground. Lately we had to exercise discipline on the men of two small villages near us. In order to stop the spread of the Gospel they asked the bushmen of certain places to kill either the missionaries or any of their boys that might visit them. Some of our friends told us of their malice, and we went and disarmed the plotters. We now hold their weapons as a Judge of peace.

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