Original Stamp Image Original Seller's Description Altered Stamp Image Fraudulent Description
Item Number 1357312293

Sold on 8 Jun 2002 to "stazy4" for $27.99 and described as:

89 - EXCELLENT COLOR!!! - SCV $300 - E Grill

“Nice stamp with tiny pen cancel and 'E' grill. You should be able to see the grill in the scan.”

The stamp was cleaned and reperforated along its left edge. It then found a new life on the right.

Educational Part:
When one looks at the original stamp on the left and the image above, it becomes painfully clear that the stamp is seriously narrow for the issue. This is called a reperf job with the intent to make the stamp have more "eye appeal".

Also note that the cool pen cancel has been most likely bleached away. The intent here is to make the stamp appear "unused".

Item Number 1362095924

Sold on 30 Jun 2002 by "pcheltenham" for $256.51 as:


The seller "pcheltenham" describes the lot as:

SEE MY OTHER LOTS...ALL START AT $1 AND NO RESERVE...THIS SAYS::: unidentified grill no gum .......... Take a look at the scan. What you see is what you get. This is a handed down collection comprising of (sic) over 20 boxes. Whenever there are notations on the envelopes they will be given. Some stamps have notations on the back. Wether (sic) these notations are correct or not is your obligation to determine which stamp/stamps this is and its' (sic) condition.

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