Original Stamp Image Original Seller's Description Altered Stamp Image Fraudulent Description
PART 1 of a combination auction that consisted of a Scott 36 shown here, and a Scott 72, shown here.

Item Number 1343222225

Sold on 7 Apr 2002 to "stazy4" for $49.00

USA, Washington .- 12+90 Cent, 1857-61, used.

Two scarce stamps but poor quality! Left copy: cut upper side and a small thin (3 - 4 mm) --right copy: cut right side and short/missing perfs. Useful as "spacefillers"!

The stamp on the left has been trimmed and received an extra cancel. It has found a new life on the right.

Educational Part:
The original Scott 36 to the left has had its perforations trimmed off to make it look like a Scott 17.

Fake cancels have been added, most likely to hide flaws, as the honest seller did describe the item as a space filler.

Item Number 1350568323

Sold on 8 May 2002 by "pcheltenham" for $20.75 as:


The seller "pcheltenham" describes the item as:

THIS SAYS: second .............................. Take a look at the scan. What you see is what you get. This is a handed down collection comprising of (sic) over 20 boxes. Whenever there are notations
on the envelopes they will be given. Some stamps have notations on the back. Wether (sic) these notations are correct or not is your obligation to determine.

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