Stampshow Melbourne '02

4-6 October 2002

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Back (L to R): sco101, tonga2, quokka, D2
Front (L to R): aligow, putney32, S2 Jim and Rita Crompton, with the exhibit 'The Philatelic History of the New Hebrides 1839-1908' David's Social Philately exhibit 'A Ticket in Tatts' won Large Vermeil

eBayers enjoyed the lively discussion at the eBay Users' Stamp Club meeting

Exhibitors from as far away as the UK were there!

And the USA! David McNamee of California was also celebrating the launch of his book "Beating the Odds"

Ian's two other exhibits each gained a Large Silver Was all that hard work worth it? Damn betcha! Amazingly, this was the first exhibition Jim has attended!

Ian McMahon with his Australia Post Cup award

Sheryll Oswald with her Vermeil award, after 3 years of exhibiting

Jim Crompton with his Large Vermeil award - a fine achievement in the Traditional class

Dingle's was the only Maximaphily exhibit Dave won Gold and Large Vermeil for his Revenues exhibits Peter's gold medal exhibit was 'British New Guinea & Papua 1885 - 1932'

Dingle Smith's exhibits were awarded Large Vermeil in Revenues and Large Silver in Maximaphily

Dave Elsmore took out the prize for 'Best Revenues exhibit', presented by Joan Orr

Peter Troy won the Pacific Island Study Circle prize for the best Pacific entry

'New Hebrides/Nouvelles-Hébrides' wins Vermeil My ticket to Stampshow London 2010 !! Gad! I have to acquire the big ticket items now!

A fine certificate to hang up on the door of the stamps room.....

A fine medal to weigh my purse down.....

A fine critique, which has spurred me on to attempt a 5-frame exhibit!

National Medal Levels

90-100 Large Gold
85-89 Gold
80-84 Large Vermeil
75-79 Vermeil
70-74 Large Silver
65-69 Silver
60-64 Silver Bronze
50-59 Bronze

More information on exhibiting guidelines can be found at the APF exhibitions page or the FIP website.

New Hebrides exhibits