"New Hebrides / Nouvelles-Hébrides 1892 - 1948" exhibit pages

Sheryll Oswald / Sheryll Ruecker

Released:  17 June, 2001 (AEST)        Last updated:  14 March, 2018 (PDT)

Early New Hebrides stamps and postal history exhibits shown at:

The most striking stamp of the New Hebrides (sigh.....)

Canberra Stampshow 2000
Canpex 2000
Canberra Stampshow 2002
Stampshow Melbourne '02
Acknowledgments and thanks
Canberra Stampshow 2004
Metro Stamp Show 2006
Oregon Stamp Society, February 2007
APS StampShow 2007
Thanks and acknowledgments
PIPEX 2009

NAPE journal feature exhibit, November 2010
SEAPEX 2011 WE frame
PIPEX 2012 - WE Festival III and the SAS/O meeting
Title pages - from display to exhibit and beyond
PIPEX 2013 - an annual event now
PIPEX 2014 - showcasing Pacific Northwest stamp clubs
2015 - stamp displays galore!
2016 - OSS turns 100 - and APS StampShow
2017 - SAS/Oceania comes to SEAPEX
Online competitions - the new way to go!
2018 - WE goes to WESTPEX
2019 - To PIPEX? Or beyond?

From collection to display

In November 1997 after spending two years on collecting New Hebrides, I threw together in haste my partially complete early collection of stamps, together with a couple of covers, to make a 30-odd page display on Hagner sheets with historical text as a filler for the French Challenge preview held by the Philatelic Society of Canberra.

After this effort, I reviewed it with a colleague with the intention of entering it in Natstamp 98, but we realised that my 30-odd pages weren't enough for a National exhibition, which required a 48-page minimum. So it languished on its home-made frames for 18 months, the occasional addition thrown absent-mindedly into a box as I pursued other collecting interests.

A first exhibit at state level - Canberra Stampshow 2000

Inevitably, pressure to exhibit was brought to bear by society members as Canberra Stampshow 2000 approached. I committed to this goal, and thus began my roller-coaster exhibiting journey! In November 1999, panic-stricken, I put out the call for any information on New Hebrides postal rates. This was answered from many quarters, including the Internet, and when I was welcomed as a contributor of the Virtual Stamp Album New Hebrides website by Christmas of that year, I found myself developing a network of like-minded collectors.

In March 2000, as a state level first-time exhibitor, I showed 32 pages (or two frames, as it is called in exhibiting circles) and was presented with a Large Silver medal (65 points) for my efforts. The state judges were kind to first-timers.

Frame 1: 1892 - 1913
Frame 2: 1920 - 1941
Canberra 2000 - unplugged!

Turning it into a national exhibit - Canpex 2000

A large amount of panic, time, money and research was then thrown at the exhibit to expand it into 3 frames (48 pages) and turn it into a respectable national exhibit for Canpex 2000 in Christchurch, New Zealand that October, where it was entered in the Great Pacific Challenge. My New Hebrides colleagues were almost driven mad by my newly-found purchasing drive and my incessant questions on esoteric aspects of postal history.

I was lucky to be able to attend, tacking it onto the end of the family's "Olympic Escape" holiday to New Zealand. The exhibit was awarded another Large Silver medal, gaining 74 points. Again the judges were kind!

Frame 1: 1892 - 1910
Frame 2: 1911 - 1925 British
Frame 3: 1925 French - 1941
Canpex 2000 - the glory

I resolved to exhibit in Australia next time, to prove that the exhibit was worthy of its medal. I stood by my promise to the family not to exhibit in 2001, and this also gave me the opportunity to acquire material at a reasonable pace whilst expanding the exhibit to 64 pages.

Keeping my hand in - Canberra Stampshow 2002

Meanwhile, the new "As You Like It" competition offered at Canberra Stampshow 2002 was too good to miss out on. My colleague Hubert Goron and I had often talked of what we could do should we be able to combine material, so we took advantage of it to prepare two one-frame joint exhibits:

Fantasies of the New Hebrides - some of the early philatelic oddities of the New Hebrides: Roast Missionary stamp, 1893 Military Franchise essays, Australasian New Hebrides Company local issue, Syndicat Français des Nouvelles-Hébrides local issue

Snapshots from the Pandemonium - the story of the New Hebrides told through snapshots of the correspondence and postal history of its inhabitants (missionaries, traders, plantation owners, businessmen and government officials)

I found the dual role of exhibitor and secretary for the show a stressful combination. Nevertheless, by Friday 15 March I had something to throw into the frames. The public must have liked what they saw, as the "Fantasies" exhibit received the Runner Up prize! The good oil on this show can be found on my informal Canberra Stampshow 2002 pages.

The Aussie national - Stampshow Melbourne '02

My goal of entering 4 frames (yes, 64 pages!) at a national exhibition in Australia was made that much harder by my propensity to take off along the byways of philately during the breaks from exhibiting.

After 15 months of fighting fraud on eBay, I was mentally nowhere near the New Hebrides when July 1 came, and I was in no position to knuckle under on the write-up. So many formative events in the eBay stamps community at the time - censorship by eBay, my 30-day board sanction, the axing of the Stamps Discussion board, the establishment of a formal SCADS website, the steps taken to gain media coverage - meant that I didn't put fingers to keyboard till 27 July. And it was the SCADS team which held me together and spurred me on to complete the exhibit. They, the eBay Stamps chat board and my college tutor provided helpful feedback when I prepared the pages and showed them online. A painful transition to reading glasses at this time was something I did not need to happen!

The exhibit was to suffer even greater scrutiny, as it was competing against a formidable 5-frame exhibit of material ranging from 1839-1908. How could mine compare? However, I was in for a rare treat, as the owner of all that material arranged to attend, and we spent precious hours together amongst the bustle of meetings, the Palmares and the critique sessions.

Against the odds, there was something vaguely decent in those 4 frames. And against the odds, I achieved a goal I had not dared admit even to myself back when I first decided to take the exhibiting plunge. A Vermeil. 75 points. The ticket to international exhibiting!!

Frame 1: NSW Postal Agency (1892) - British Provisional Overprints (1908)
Frame 2: French Provisional Overprints (1907) - First Dual Definitives (1911-13)
Frame 3: Provisional Overprints (1920-24) - Dual Currency Definitives (1925)
Frame 4: Gold Currency Definitives (1938) - French "France Libre" Overprints (1941)
Melbourne '02 - the glory

Acknowledgments and thanks

The achievement of a Vermeil in the Traditional Philately class in less than 3 years of exhibiting proved to me that anything is possible. After all, if I can do it, anyone can. So think about it. Choose your goals and keep aiming for them. And you too can achieve your dreams.

The following people and organisations helped make my dream a reality:

Derek Pocock
Philatelic Society of Canberra (PSC)
Tom Frommer
Ed Druce (dec)
John Gibson
Hubert Goron (dec)
Keith Fitchett (dec)
Graeme Broxam
Paul Barsdell
Darryl Fuller
David Collyer
Hans Karman
Roland Klinger
Martin Treadwell
David Smitham
Jim Crompton
John Vassallo
David Benson
Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers (SCADS)

Many thanks!

Philately in review - Canberra Stampshow 2004

After Melbourne '02, family tragedy and the January 2003 bushfires led me to reconsider my life and where I was going. I chose to leave Canberra, where I had spent half a lifetime, and the first step was to move to the warmer climes of Hervey Bay and family close by.

I touched up my 4 frames for state level at Canberra Stampshow 2004 in March. No aiming for higher medals this time. Instead, just taking this last opportunity to show my New Hebrides in my old home town, to my long-time philatelic friends.

Frame 1: NSW Postal Agency (1892) - British Provisional Overprints (1908)
Frame 2: French Provisional Overprints (1907) - First Dual Definitives (1911-13)
Frame 3: Provisional Overprints (1920-24) - Dual Currency Definitives (1925)
Frame 4: Gold Currency Definitives (1938) - French "France Libre" Overprints (1941)
Canberra Stampshow 2004 - the glory

My baby exhibit of 2000 has grown up and was about to leave home!

Half a world away - "up over" land

In April 2005, I attended Pacific Explorer '05 in Sydney on my way out of Australia.
Destination: USA, Oregon, Hillsboro, where a new life waited for me. And a new name: Sheryll Ruecker

Exhibiting and philately were put on the back burner whilst I grappled with novelties such as driving on the "right" side of the road, the difference between cheques and checks, coupons, US immigration paperwork, and day-to-day life "up over" (visit my Ozzie in Oregon webpages for some insights into this not-so-trivial experience). My What's Sheryll up to now? pages describe some of the things I have seen and done since I've been here, and include many photos.

My eBay chat board friend Bill made sure I didn't drop out of philately completely during my transition by encouraging me to join the Oregon Stamp Society (OSS) and come along to stamp meetings. I enjoyed attending the APS national show PIPEX 2005 a month after Pacific Explorer '05 (and Oregon put on some fierce Aussie heat for the occasion!). The people were welcoming and friendly, the exhibits and meetings were interesting, and I joined the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE), the antipodean counterpart of Australia's own NAPE (interNational Association for Philatelic Exhibitors) - see links below.

Starting again - Metro Stamp Show 2006

The Metro 2006 stamp show was almost not to be, but several dedicated OSS members were determined that this local show would happen again this year. Thanks to Bill's arm twisting and general encouragement, I chose to enter this as a stress-free opportunity to break the exhibiting "ice" in a new country.

I decided not to make any changes at all to the 4-frame Canberra 2004 version as it would entail redoing the whole thing from scratch, something I was not up to doing just now. I felt that my exhibit in its current format was likely to break many accepted US conventions, and it made sense to wait till after the critique session before making any major changes.

Frame 1: NSW Postal Agency (1892) - British Provisional Overprints (1908)
Frame 2: French Provisional Overprints (1907) - First Dual Definitives (1911-13)
Frame 3: Provisional Overprints (1920-24) - Dual Currency Definitives (1925)
Frame 4: Gold Currency Definitives (1938) - French "France Libre" Overprints (1941)
Metro Stamp Show 2006 - the glory

What a surprise to find that I had received the Grand award! Certainly an encouragement for me to try again in a national show, such as the APS Stampshow being held here in Portland next year.

One frame OSS display, February 2007

I had received invitations to enter an online one-frame exhibit in the Quezonpex 3 Virtual Philatelic Exhibition held in November 2006. Inevitably, these emails would arrive right when I was at my busiest. Eventually I decided to give it a go and spent an evening working on a one-frame New Hebrides exhibit - the stamps used before the Condominium issues. I soon realised, however, that it was too much for me at that time, so put it to one side.

In December, when volunteers were called for one-frame exhibits at the next year's OSS meetings, I put my name down for February, knowing that this would be one way to get me started on my 5-frame exhibit for the APS Stampshow. I ended up using the write-up from my Quezonpex 3 stand-alone frame.

New Hebrides/Nouvelles-Hébrides - before the Condominium (1892-1907)

Giving it another go - APS StampShow 2007

APS StampShow was coming here to Portland in 2007, so I sent in my entry form and committed myself to exhibit in the biggest national show in the USA. It's been 5 years since my New Hebrides has appeared at a national show, but, hey, I haven't been buying anything much in those 5 years either. In fact, I dropped right out of the New Hebrides scene for a while there!

But the judges at Metro 2006 had encouraged me to expand it to 5 frames, so here I was, doing it, and without buying anything! Well, not much, as Sydney Stamp Expo 2007 in June was too good an opportunity to pass up. I even had to leave out the last 4 pages, on the 1941 issue, to make it fit nicely! So can I hang onto my national vermeil medal in the USA? I am hoping so......

Frame 1: NSW Postal Agency (1892) - Syndicat Français des Nouvelles-Hébrides local issue (1903)
Frame 2 : British Provisional Overprints (1908) - First British Definitives (1911)
Frame 3 : First Definitives (1911-13) - Provisional Surcharges (1920-24)
Frame 4 : Dual Currency Definitives (1925)
Frame 5 : Gold Currency Definitives (1938)
APS StampShow 2007 - the glory

And it was gold, gold, gold for the little Aussie battleaxe! I couldn't believe it! In spite of the different judging styles in the US, my exhibit still seems to be on track!

Where do I go from here, I wonder. What can come after a gold at the biggest national US show? Especially when I am not out in the auction arena madly acquiring more and more New Hebrides stufff !?

In the Court of Honor! COALPEX 2008

At APS Stampshow, I joined the new women's exhibitors group, known as WE. Apparently, the next stamp show at Walnut Creek would be for women exhibitors only, and WE members were encouraged to enter.  The chairman of this show was David McNamee, whom I had known from stamp shows in Australia and PIPEX '05. It sounded like a fun way to show my exhibit again, and give my, ahem, new purchases from APS Stampshow an airing. Besides, Walnut Creek is in the Bay area, a great place to revisit for sightseeing and catch up with friends.

One extra thing that this show had going for it was that all the gold medal winners from the national stamp shows of the last year would be in the Court of Honor, to compete in a little "Best of the Best" championship of their own! Of course I don't expect to win, but what a fun thing to be in! This was too good an opportunity to pass up, even with the ATA national show scheduled here in Portland on the same weekend (June 14-15) ......

Frame 1: NSW Postal Agency (1892) - Syndicat Français des Nouvelles-Hébrides local issue (1903)
Frame 2 : British Provisional Overprints (1908) - First British Definitives (1911)
Frame 3 : First Definitives (1911-13) - Provisional Surcharges (1920-24)
Frame 4 : Dual Currency Definitives (1925)
Frame 5 : Gold Currency Definitives (1938)
COALPEX 2008 - the glory

Wow, I was amazed to find that my exhibit had won the Best of the Best! The judges were good enough to award this for both one-frame and multi-frame, so Vesma and I were two pleased WE exhibitors!

Thanks and acknowledgments

My success as an exhibitor in the US would not have come about without the help and encouragement of many in the philatelic community "up over". They kept my spirits positive and allowed me to think that I still can do it.  Just like I would always tell myself when faced with another daunting challenge, "I have, I can, so I will!"

The following people and organisations showed confidence in me and gave me support:

Bill Seymour
Oregon Stamp Society (OSS)
Tim Bartshe
Tony Wawrukiewicz
Women Exhibitors (WE)
David McNamee
Richard Doporto

Many thanks!

Oregon's own national show - PIPEX 2009

Even before COALPEX 2008, I was aware that PIPEX 2009 was coming up, right here in Portland next May, but I didn't give it another thought. Once I returned though, I realised that I would have to exhibit for the same reason others climb mountains - because it's here!

The chances of my tripping off around the country to another stamp show are getting slimmer with every downturn of the economy, so I decided to take advantage of what was being offered right here on my doorstep on Memorial Day weekend (22-24 May). Another opportunity to play with my exhibit and enjoy the exhilaration and camaraderie that being an exhibitor offers!

Frame 1: NSW Postal Agency (1892) - Syndicat Français des Nouvelles-Hébrides local issue (1903)
Frame 2 : British Provisional Overprints (1908) - First British Definitives (1911)
Frame 3 : First Definitives (1911-13) - Provisional Surcharges (1920-24)
Frame 4 : Dual Currency Definitives (1925)
Frame 5 : Gold Currency Definitives (1938)
PIPEX 2009 - the glory

Well, I won vermeil.  A bit of a letdown after having received a gold in 2007, but the judges were nice about it.  They awarded me the AAPE Gold Award of Honor and at the critique session they singled out my exhibit as an example of good presentation.  The written critique was constructive, but basically suggested that the exhibit needed more money thrown at it to replace covers with damaged stamps and to show more examples of usage.  And, I'm sure, lots more stufff!

Asia Pacific Exhibitor feature exhibit, November 2010

Not really in a position to go spending, even though I found work for 6 months at the US Census Bureau in 2010, I did nothing to my exhibit and hoped that the break would give me some idea of a new direction in which to take it.  I had more time to reflect on this when my exhibit was featured in the NAPE journal's November 2010 issue.

SEAPEX 2011 WE frame one page exhibits, November 2011

In early 2011, I read with interest Lyman Caswell's article on one-page exhibits in WE Think Vol 5 No 1, together with Women Exhibitors (WE) Chair Ruth Caswell's pleas for one-page exhibits for the WE frame at SEAPEX 2011 in November.  Hmmm, this was a chance to exhibit without the need for spending big bucks or doing a vast amount of rewriting or research.  It didn't even need to be about the New Hebrides!  I could have some fun with whatever subject took my fancy.

So I committed to preparing two pages.  One was a revised version of the poem I wrote for Capital Philately in 2000, during those heady days of first exhibiting.  The other was a postal history exhibit of a modern cover, with a little bit of fun thrown in ......

SEAPEX 2011 - WE frame one page exhibits

PIPEX 2012 - WE Festival III and the SAS/O meeting

By then, plans were well under way for our local stamp club to hold PIPEX on 11-13 May 2012, and I was excited to see that two societies to which I belong would be holding seminars or general meetings there:  Women Exhibitors (WE) and the Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania (SAS/O).  Wow, this would have been a great opportunity to exhibit again, but I had nothing new to show!  Aack!!

I came up with a solution, which was to show my exhibit in some of the non-competitive frames that WE had reserved for the show.  This was not really what they were originally planned for, but at least it meant that my exhibit would be available for SAS/O members to see even though I probably wouldn't get around to rewriting it from my 2009 effort.

As it happened, I actually did acquire some new 1893 MF material in 2011, and with the pressure of a deadline approaching, I finally got my head around it and reworked a few pages at the last minute.

Frame 1: NSW Postal Agency (1892) - Syndicat Français des Nouvelles-Hébrides local issue (1903)
Frame 2 : British Provisional Overprints (1908) - First British Definitives (1911)
Frame 3 : First Definitives (1911-13) - Provisional Surcharges (1920-24)
Frame 4 : Dual Currency Definitives (1925)
Frame 5 : Gold Currency Definitives (1938)

The We Festival III at PIPEX gave me some ideas for improving my exhibit.  And I must say that, upon seeing it in the frames, it looked quite dated compared to others.  Mounting techniques and heading treatment had changed a lot in the last 3 years!

I am now considering remounting it using mats, and will try to change the headings to better reflect the storyline. Also, I acquired some more new material not long after the show.  PIPEX 2013 will be here in less than a year!

Title pages - from display to exhibit and beyond

While scanning and sorting through my updated PIPEX pages, I found an old title page that showed why I had used two different font sizes.  I'd forgotten about it, and so the page looked a bit weird to me upon seeing it in the frames. 

As I like to keep all my title pages, I filed it away and was soon on a trip down memory lane!  I decided to put them all on view as part of the story behind the changes in my exhibit.  And I will definitely be making a new title page for my next exhibit!

Title pages - from display to exhibit and beyond

PIPEX 2013 - an annual event now

As there are now confirmed dates for PIPEX or other national stamp shows (APS Stampshow 2016 springs to mind) in Portland up till 2018, I have become a bit more relaxed about not exhibiting here, especially as there are no special meetings of the societies to which I belong.

Just after PIPEX 2012, I suddenly had an influx of early exhibit material, all without a dime changing hands! This and the WE seminars on exhibit layout had me deciding to rewrite and remount my exhibit using matting to better protect my covers. I purchased paper for matting, and a "Glue Dots" dispenser. Then I started on a 2-month long research project on my favorite subject, the 1893 Military Franchise essays, endeavoring to find more evidence of the order of the printings.

At the end of November, I went to Australia for four months to help with family, and that put paid to any plans to exhibit at PIPEX 2013. A diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in December was in a way a relief, as it explained why I was suddenly getting old and feeble in the last half of the year!

But, will I be able to mat covers now that I have the dreaded tremor??
I think the answer is "Yes!"
Life goes on, and PIPEX will be here again in 2014.

PIPEX 2014 - showcasing stamp clubs in the Pacific Northwest

As 2013 drew to a close, I found myself coordinating our stamp club's entry for PIPEX - a one-frame exhibit comprised of a description of the club and 15 one-page "mini-exhibits". I of course would be putting in a page, and I could have a try at matting at the same time. I ended up writing up two pages and even made them into webpages, where there is more leniency as to length.

One Page Displays

At the same time I decided to expand one of the pages, on the eBay Users' Stamp Club, into a proper history of the club complete with stamp issues. At first I had a one-frame exhibit in mind, but I decided it would work better as a series of webpages.

eBay Users' Stamp Club

2015 - stamp displays galore!

By the time PIPEX came around again, I had greatly expanded my collecting interests and displays. I showed most of them at stamp club meetings as they evolved. I collected plate number coils, non-denominated postage, pre-cancels and other types of US stamps, as well as both US and foreign covers. These collections were assembled without spending much money. Most of them on my website. They include:

USA - the States of the Union - the US states in order of statehood (200 or so pages)
See the World, from Cover to Cover - a trip around the world, linked by covers
Greetings to America, by Letter - alphabetical display by country of incoming covers
Philatelic Photo A Day 2014 - photos of stamp-related items using a daily 'prompt'

Many of these displays involved mounting covers, stamps or text on pages, giving me the practice I needed in matting. I also started on a New Hebrides website, but lack of time and my "creativity" going in other directions meant that it still hasn't been developed in any depth. Here it is anyway, in case you would like to see the direction I want to take with it.

100 Years of the New Hebrides, 1892 - 1992

NTSS 2015 Free Style exhibits

At last another chance to exhibit at a stamp show presented itself. I entered a one-frame exhibit on the eBay Users' Stamp Club in the Free Style class at the National Topical Stamp show. This exhibit would not be appropriate in normal competitive exhibiting.

I was lucky to receive feedback comments from the winner of the show's Grand Award! They included improvements in formatting, as I had cut some corners doing it all in Word. As well, my windowing technique leaves a lot to be desired. But all in all, it was a positive experience and I met some very nice people.

eBay Users' Stamp Club

2016 - OSS turns 100 - even more displays, and APS StampShow!

This was our centennial year, and we had a number of events planned, most of which required displays. I came up with about 10 different display ideas and spent 2 months in earnest working on them, after working on my own displays. I made over 240 pages!

There was no time to consider exhibiting at APS Stampshow, because I was already exhibiting! We were in the Court of Honor, right next to the Inverted Jenny exhibit just as you walked in. The OSS Perfin exhibit was shown beside it. It was the only one I didn't make. APS had given us a glass case for our club memorabilia and added a special welcome pamphlet inside the exhibition catalog.

The centennial exhibit, the Perfin exhibit plus the PIPEX covers exhibit  were all invited to be shown at SEAPEX. We were very happy with how all the displays turned out.

2017 - SAS/Oceania comes to SEAPEX!

After all that work, I became distracted by writing interview articles for our club newsletter and the Women Exhibitors (WE) newsletter. At one time I had four interviews in various stage of completion.

As well, PIPEX was coming up again, and I wanted to exhibit my Homestead Act idea. Bringing an accumulation of letters to life. I couldn't see how this could be philatelic at all, so entered it non-competitively. I did get some feedback from a few patrons, but after attending the judges' Feedback Forum, I realized that I should have put my ego in a box somewhere and entered it competitively.

So that's what I am doing at SEAPEX in September - showing it competitively to a top-notch jury. I also decided to have one more crack at writing up the 1893 French Military Franchise essays of the New Hebrides. The SAS/Oceania group are meeting there, so that will be my contribution. I got my entry forms in under the wire!

This time, my ego is being left at the Oregon border, while my exhibits are taken up by other members. I'll let you know how they do...

The Homestead Act seen through letters sent in Eastern Oregon, 1905 - 1908
     by Homer n'Darange (PDF) (Synopsis) (Critique)

1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides - a closer look (PDF) (Synopsis) (Critique)

Well, Homer scored a Silver (just). His feedback page stated that it was more a museum display than a stamp exhibit, and I agreed, so he has been shipped out to eastern Oregon!!

The essays exhibit scored a Vermeil, due to the rarity of the items, and my knowledge and personal research. I was let down by my treatment score (11 out of 20) and spent the next month trying to get feedback on what was wrong with how I told the story. It turned out that my inordinate scans and write-up did not disguise the fact that I had only 19 pieces of philatelic material to show, and for one-frame exhibits that is a hanging offence. I will therefore be making some format and presentation changes but sticking to the story as told unless another idea comes along.

I plan to put all the known essays online over the winter, as part of a research project where all theories on the printing order, etc may be aired. I have made a small start on it and will link it here once it has evolved enough.

OK, it has evolved enough, but I am having trouble with Javascript code to show a larger version of a table of thumbnails. Check out the Home page and scroll down to "Latest News" to see where I am at with this.

1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

Online competitions - the new way to go!

Bringing Christianity to the Cannibals
The Missionaries of the Islands of the New Hebrides

I managed to do the missionaries exhibit in under 3 weeks. It started out as missions but information about missionaries was far more accessible on the internet. This exhibit was a strong contender to win the SAS/Oceania Pop-Up Exhibit competition, as only one other entry was submitted. Results published in the Informer announced that my exhibit was a joint winner!

A serendipitous chat with a stamp club colleague was the catalyst for me to enter all three exhibits in an online competition called PDR 2017, which closed October 1st. I was pleased to be able to offer three very different but worthy exhibits to the competition after years of having prepared display level material only.

2018 - WE goes to WESTPEX!

In late November, after umming and ahhing, I approached the WESTPEX exhibits Chair about showing my essays exhibit in the WE frame allocation for next April, only to be told that all the one-frame slots had been already filled. This meant that I had to quickly commit, and send in my form so that I could be #1 on the waiting list. I was in limbo, and nothing happened to my exhibit till 22 February, when it was finally accepted.

I had already changed the title back to the SEAPEX title in case I didn't get to do anything on it. A wise choice, as I was planning a trip to Oz right when I would have been preparing the exhibit. I did make some changes - see if you can work out what they are.

1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides - a closer look

It received a Vermeil and one more point than its SEAPEX showing. Plus the AAPE Creativity Award again!

2019 - To PIPEX? Or beyond?

To continue showing it, I really needed to acquire more material. So when I received a heads up about two essays at a UK auction house, I decided to go for them, persuaded by my colleague in Oz who felt that they should go to a good home. There was some interest in the essays - 3 other bidders - but I managed to win them.

With the extra material, my quadrant idea will have to be shelved. Also the definition pages. When it's shown again, I will try extending the storyline with each piece. Will that confuse the judges? We'll see. Hmmm, why not show it here at the next PIPEX, in 2019?  If I am still around...


New Hebrides philately

Virtual Stamp Album New Hebrides
The Military Postal History of the New Hebrides During the Second World War
Pacific Islands Study Circle
Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania


American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE)
interNational Association for Philatelic Exhibitors (NAPE)
Women Exhibitors (WE)

Any questions? Please drop me a line at sheryll at sheryll dot net.

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