Canberra Stampshow 2002
16-18 March 2002

Hellenic Club, Woden, ACT

Canberra Stampshow 2002

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Wednesday 13 March

What to write, what to write?

Judges and exhibits are arriving.
Dinner booking list is almost full.
Last minute changes to venue.

Time to write up that last exhibit.......

"Fantasies" - 8 pages still to write!

Thursday 14 March

Fantasies of the New Hebrides

More judges and (hopefully) more exhibits arriving.
Tomorrow is the big setup day.
All quiet with no dramas.

Exhibit mounted before midnight - a new record!

"Fantasies" - all mounted at last!

Friday, the ides of March

Ed Druce Memorial Trophy

Setup of exhibits complete and it looks good!
"As You Like It" voting rules and voting box installed.
Down to only 6 entries now (I have managed to knobble 4 one way or another).

Judging also appears to be completed. Which state will win the Australasian Challenge, I wonder.

Saturday 16 March

Australasian Challenge winning team - Western Australia

It's show time, folks!
And we present the Ed Druce Memorial Trophy to....... (drum roll)

Western Australia!!

Winning the Australasian Challenge by a long margin of 34 points - well done!

Derek Pocock, Deryn Druce and John Dibiase

A note of sadness - the Philatelic Society of Canberra mourns the passing on Friday of Doug Ross, one of its long-term active and enthusiastic members. It was largely because of his articles (written under the pseudonym of "Litotes") and views on exhibiting and "Philexpos" that the "As You Like It" competition (where the winner is determined by public vote) was formed. I regret that his ill health during the last month prevented him from completing his exhibit for that class.

Sunday 17 March

Paul Barsdell, Sheryll Oswald and David Benson

Judges' Critique time, and a chance for exhibitors to get feedback from judges at the frames.
Also an easier time for the Secretary, after a harrowing two days.

Even found time for an informal eUSC meeting! : )

quokka, S2 and D2

Monday 18 March

Fantasies of the New Hebrides - Runner Up in the 'As You Like It' competition

A busy day, with many people in a rush to get covers cancelled with the Stampshow postmarks.
Also a time for judges to hit the dealer stands.
"As You Like It" competition winners announced..... : )

General verdict - a successful show in an excellent venue.
Congratulations to the Stampshow Committee!!

"Fantasies" - Runner Up

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