Canberra Stampshow 2002

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It'll be finished by 2004 - won't it? His Excellency, Mr Simon Murdoch The Benson family

Hellenic Club - still under construction!

The New Zealand High Commissioner opens the exhibition

Yung, Maureen and David Benson, at the opening ceremony

Dealers - west end Exhibits Dealers - east end

Aussie dealers at the west end, doing brisk trading

The frames, with New Hebrides exhibits in the foreground!

British, US and more Aussie dealers at the east end

Most of these are Canberra judges, but there are a couple from Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand All Canberra judges, excepting one from Tasmania The New Zealand Commissioner is from the Mainland.  : )

National judging team

State judging team

Sue McIntosh, the New Zealand Commissioner, working hard on the critiques

John Dibiase, WA State Coordinator, accepts the trophy
The NSW Challenge team, well, nearly all.... Linda Lee - Vermeil for her 'Flower Magic' exhibit
The Victorian Challenge team, with Dingle Smith, the Chairman of the Jury

Deryn Druce presents Western Australia with the Ed Druce Memorial Trophy

The NSW Challenge team - Kim Dwyer, Bernie Doherty, Andrew Verdich, Arthur Gray and Linda Lee

The Victorian Challenge team - Jon Fladeby, Bernard Manning, Frank Pauer and Fiona Coath

Large Gold, for 'The George V Definitive Issues of Australia: the Cooke and Harrison Printings, 1913-1926'
Bernie, could you please charge my glass! This thing has serrated edges!
Tony Thackery, New Zealand - 'Best First Day Cover entry

John MacDonnell presents the APF prize for "Best Challenge Entry" to Arthur Gray

This deserves a toast!
Hmmm, perhaps a straw would be better.....

Noel Almeida presents the American First Day Cover Society plaque to Tony Thackery

Now, I guess we'll have to help pull the frames down.....
Vermeil, for 'Bismarck Archipelago: 1888 to 1942 (and beyond)' Michael with his prize
Gold, for 'The Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia'

Kim and Kevin Dwyer - special award for their 20 years' support of Canberra exhibitions

Michael White with his prize, for "Best new exhibit by a Philatelic Society of Canberra member"

Paul Storm presents the Cinderella Club of Australasia prize to John Dibiase

Do I hear $150? $200, it's against you, sir! Tom Frommer, holding the overprint die

Charles Leski takes backroom bids for the auction of minisheet overprint colour trials

Is this a phone bid from a British dealer who couldn't make it to the dinner?

The overprint die, a hot auction lot!

Teenagers don't like to get their photo taken No, it wasn't rigged! Was all that hard work worth it?

Who is camera shy??

Ian McMahon presents prizes to "As You Like It" competition winner and runner-up Derek Pocock and Sheryll Oswald

New Hebrides "Fantasies" and "Snapshots", exhibited jointly by Sheryll Oswald and Hubert Goron

Canberra Stampshow 2002