1893 Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides

1893 French Military Franchise Essays of the New Hebrides



Background history

Definitions and terms

Essays by printing group

Essays by position

Essays by stone

How many are there?

Where are they now?





The exhibit below was originally shown at SEAPEX 2017 on 8-10 September in Seattle, as part of the Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania convening society frames. See here to see the exhibit as shown.

The version below is the SEAPEX version, with the following changes:

  • quadrants rematted to make them more obvious in the frame
  • mattes on the individual essay pieces trimmed

Please contact Sheryll at the email address on the Home page if you would like to see this exhibit at a stamp show or other event.

The 1893 French Military Franchise Essays
 of the New Hebrides - a closer look

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